Create and use Opportunities

The Opportunities feature is key for pipe-lining prospects and tracking sales progress and act as a holding space for leads.


Key Takeaways

  • Potential accounts, contracts, or new business development.
  • Next Step action allows you to set the Due Dates and track each step
    • You can also link to your Gmail or Outlook Calendar
  • Associate an opportunity to a contact record and log all activities on the contact level.
    • Anything logged on the contact will also be associated with the corresponding company record.



Creating Opportunities
Accessing Opportunities
Companies > Opportunities Page
Turn an Opportunity into a Job
Viewing Opportunities
Opportunity Report


Creating Opportunities

Opportunities can be added in various places in Avionté.

  1. From the Companies > Opportunities Tab

    Company Opportunities Create New.png

  2. From the Contact Activities Page under Quick Actions.

    Contact Create Opportunity.png

  3. The New Opportunity fly-out will appear
  4. Enter information relevant to the Opportunity


    1. Complete the fly-out as thoroughly as possible.
    2. The table below defines the fields in the New Opportunity fly-out to help with data entry
  5. Click Create Opportunity

Opportunity Fields Explained.png

Opportunity Owners

The Opportunity Owner is the creator of the opportunity, which defaults to the current user, but can be changed.
  • To change the owner of an opportunity, click the "edit" button in the Opportunity Overview section.
  • Then select a new Owner from the dropdown list.


Opportunities can have multiple owners.

Accessing Opportunities

The Opportunity can be accessed and viewed from multiple places within the Connect Module

  1. Company >> Opportunities
    1. The Company > Opportunities tab is the main hub for tracking opportunities. All Opportunities for the company are listed here, and users can click on an Opportunity name to open it.


  2. Company Dashboard
    1. On a Company's profile, a counter of open Opportunities is available on the Company Dashboard widget.


  3. Contact Page
    1. Once a contact is connected to an Opportunity, they will be listed as an Open Opportunity Contact in their contact record.
    2. Hovering over the Open Opportunity Contact status will provide hyperlinks to of the contact's Opportunities.


  4. Opportunities Widget
    1. The Opportunities widget displays all opportunities on which you are the Owner. This is a great way to quickly access the Opportunities you are working.




Companies > Opportunities Page

All opportunities for the company are listed here, and users can click on an opportunity name to open it.












Turn an Opportunity into a Job

From the Opportunity Tab within the company profile, you can flip an Opportunity into a Job with ease. If the information pertaining to the Opportunity is filled out correctly, you will see an icon that says, “Create Job”.

  1. Go to the Company/Customer you want to create a Job for
  2. Click Create Job
    1. Proceed with creating a job the same way you always have.
    2. If the information is missing, an icon stating “please attach Hiring Manager “ will appear.
      1. Once you select a Hiring Manager, you will then be permitted to create a Job.




Viewing Opportunities

To see a full list of opportunities, you can leverage the Tasks Tab.



Opportunities Report

  1. Click Analyze Tab
  2. Search for the Opportunities Report





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