Managing Direct Deposit Accounts

Avionté enables you to enter and manage multiple direct deposit accounts for Talent. The direct deposit configuration is located in the Talent > Tax > Accounting Information area. This area can also be used to set up employee paycard(s), which can be funded through an ACH file or Instant Payment process.


If you would prefer not to set up direct deposit accounts manually, you can have talent enter their own account information using the Direct Deposit Onboarding Tasks.



Adding a Direct Deposit Account
Editing an Account
Adding a Rapid Paycard


Adding a Direct Deposit Account

New Direct Deposit accounts can be added to the Talent record under the Tax tab.


Add a new account

  1. Go to the Talent's record
  2. Click on the Tax sub tab
  3. Scroll down to the Accounting Information section
  4. Click the Edit icon in the top right corner of the section
  5. Click the Add an Account button.

    Tax - Accounting Info - Add.gif

  6. Choose an Account Type from the drop-down list.
  7. Enter the Account Number in the Account Number field.
  8. Enter the bank account's Routing Number
    1. These numbers will be validated according to the US or Canada requirements, depending on the selection made in the Country field.
  9. Enter the bank institution name in the Bank Name field.
    1. Example: Wells Fargo, US Bank, ... 
  10. Select the country in which this bank operates in the Bank Country drop-down field. 
  11. Choose the Amount Type from the drop-down list. 
    1. If choosing a Fixed Amount or Percent, then enter a value in the new field
      1. Remaining Amount: All available funds will be deposited to this account after distributing funds to any accounts set to Fixed Amount or Percent.
      2. Percent: Distribute a percentage of each paycheck to this account. Any leftover funds will be paid to the talent's Remaining Amount account.
      3. Fixed Amount: Distribute a specific dollar amount from each paycheck to this account. If the check is less than the fixed amount set for the account, the system will deposit all the funds to this Fixed Amount account. Any leftover funds will be paid to the talent's Remaining Amount account. 

        Tax - Accounting Info - Add New Account.gif
  12. Click on the Save button
Note: If this is the first direct deposit account you are adding to the talent's record, the system will require the Amount Type to be Remaining Amount. Every direct deposit setup requires exactly one account to be set to Remaining Amount, so the system always has instructions on where to place funds. After the Remaining Amount account is saved, users can add additional accounts to distribute funds to multiple accounts.



For example, if an employee wants to distribute $200 of each paycheck to their checking account and have the remainder go to their savings, add the Savings account first as the Remaining Amount account, then add the Checking account with an Amount Type of Fixed Amount with an amount of $200. 

  1. If the Amount Type was set to Percent or Fixed Amount, enter the dollar amount or percentage that should be distributed to this account in the Amount field. 
    Note: For a Percent account, enter the percent as a whole number
    Example: For ten percent, enter 10
  2. Click on the Save icon
    1. The system displays the added account information if it passes validation (e.g. the routing number is associated with a real bank).

  3. To add another account, click the edit icon again, and click the Add an Account button again.



Editing an account

Changes to an existing bank account in the database will not modify the prenote send/approve dates. If you require a prenote on the bank account again, such as for a returning employee, there are two options:
  1. In AvionteBOLD (front office), delete the employee's bank and have it entered again. This can be accomplished by an HCM user or Talent user via the Talent Experience portal by completing either a Direct Deposit Onboarding Task or using the self-serve Talent Profile.
  2. In AvionteCLASSIC (back office), remove the Prenote Send/Approve Dates from the existing employee bank.  



Adding a rapid! Paycard

rapid! PayCard is a payroll solution where employers can transfer pay for employees directly to a debit card instead of providing a paycheck. With this integration, users can activate rapid! PayCards through AviontéBOLD.  The ACH process is the traditional process of depositing money into an account and typically takes days.  With Instant Payment the funds are deposited into an account in minutes. 

  1. Scroll down to the Accounting Information section and click the Edit icon.
  2. Click on the Add an Account button

    Tax - Accounting Info - Add.gif

  3. Enter information in the appropriate fields
    1. Account Type: Select the rapid! PayCard option
    2. Account Number: Enter the 3 digit prefix and 10 digit account ID
    3. Routing Number: This will default to the rapid! Paycard Marketplace settings
    4. Funding Type: This will default to the rapid! Paycard Marketplace settings.
      There are 2 options for this; ACH and Instant Payment (automatic load or manual load)
    5. Amount Type: Select between Remaining Amount, Fixed Amount or Percent.
    6. Amount: This option is only available if the Amount Type = Fixed Amount or Percent.
      1. If Fixed Amount = enter a dollar amount
      2. If Percent = enter a percentage


    7. Click on the Register button



Managing rapid! PayCards

Once a paycard has been added as a Direct Deposit account a confirmation message will appear. From this confirmation, you can register the paycard. 


If the card has not already been activated, users can activate the paycard from the Accounting Information section of the Tax tab in the talent's record using the Register button. If the paycard is already activated, an error message will appear, indicating the paycard is already active.



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