Contractor Invoicing 2.0

Avionte has recently made an update to the Contractor Invoicing Tab that is going to allow you to use additional filters on top of the Week End/Bill Cycle that were previously available. Clients will now be able to filter based off Company, Bill Cycle (if multiple are selected), Contractor and Bill Cycle End Date. With these updates, you can ensure that you are correctly processing all the timesheets which need to be processed on a Company/Applicant level. 


One of the big changes that you will see comes when you are looking at Monthly Calendar Bill Cycles. Previously, if there were five timesheets associated with an applicant for a month, there was no way to identify that all that applicant’s timesheets were completed without viewing each of those weeks in the month to ensure they had been Approved. Now, Avionte is going to provide an indicator which lets you know that there is a missing timesheet for an applicant in that month. This will help with making sure you are truly processing the entire months-worth of timesheets! 



If you see the red “Incomplete Calendar” icon appear, this means that the applicant still needs to have a timesheet submitted/approved for that month of work. This will eliminate the need to run multiple processes for an applicant, which would then create multiple invoices when there should only be one.  


There will also be a check box that will hide any incomplete Monthly-Calendar timesheets, allowing you to then process all while knowing that the entire months-worth of timesheets are complete for those applicants.



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