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Avionté 24/7 introduces a mobile talent platform, streamlining the job search and placement process with features like Smart Links for easy talent access, automated data syncing between BOLD and 24/7 Work, and a centralized self-service mobile app, enhancing efficiency and engagement.

Key Takeaways

  • Avionté 24/7 revolutionizes the talent experience with features like Smart Links, ensuring seamless access, automated data synchronization, and a centralized mobile app, boosting engagement and efficiency.

  • The platform enhances recruitment by offering a mobile-first technology, industrial-grade workforce management, and a robust app, enabling a user-friendly, on-demand experience.

  • Avionté 24/7's SmartLink technology, job templates, and mobile-centric approach empower recruiters with tools for quick talent access, streamlined job order creation, and centralized talent management.

Avionté 24/7

Why Mobile?

Talent seeks a user-friendly experience, similar to ordering an Uber or shopping online, that streamlines the job search, application, and placement process.

24/7 Work is an on-demand mobile talent platform that offers a centralized mobile experience with mobile-first technology, industrial-grade workforce management, and a robust mobile app.

Critical entity data is automatically synced between BOLD and 24/7 Work, reducing manual work for recruiters and increasing their efficiencies in the front office.

Provides a centralized self-service mobile app for all talent-facing interactions, empowering long-term success, engagement, retention, and loyalty. It reduces administrative burden while delivering a seamless, consumer-like experience.


Table of Contents

  1. Talent Adoption with Smart Links
  2. Required Fields
  3. Job Templates
  4. Posting a Job
  5. Assigning Talent


Talent Adoption


What is it?

Users prefer not to remember additional login credentials. With the 24/7 app and smart links, they don't need to.

Smart links are sent via text or email and contain the worker's username and password. Clicking the link logs talent directly into the app, and they stay logged in with nothing extra to remember.

Video on SmartLink

How it works

The SmartLink technology allows talent to quickly have access to the app without the friction of signing in with a username and password. A SmartLink will be sent to the talent when they are first added into 24/7 which will invite them to download the app. From there, talent will be able to see all jobs that meet their profile criteria.

If the talent has not downloaded the app, a SmartLink will be sent to them the first time they match to a job opportunity to invite them to download the app again.

Remember: The smartlink is triggered off of the talent status being an active status that was identified in implementations. Any time your talent is in any active status, they will be sent the smart link to invite them to download the app. Only talent in active status will be able to accept jobs on the app.

Resending Smart Link

To resend the SmartLink to an individual talent, navigate to their profile page and click Send SmartLink in the Quick Actions menu on the right-hand side of the screen.

Remember if you do not see it on the initial list, you will find it in the dropdown menu.


Required Fields

Company Fields

  • Company Name
  • Office (Department)
  • Worksite Address (not billing address)
  • Contact


Job Fields

  • Start Date - For the Start Date, ensure it's at least 5 minutes in the future. The date is a matching criterion for the job notification to display only to available talent during the job order dates
  • Address - The talent will be notified of the job only if the worksite address falls within the radius of their profile address.
  • Skill- The job order skill must match the talent's profile skill for the talent to receive job notifications.


Talent Fields

  • First/Last Name
  • Email/ Phone Number
  • Address
  • Skill
  • Talent Status


Best Practice

Job Order Templates

To streamline the job order creation process and minimize clicks, it's recommended to utilize job templates that can automatically populate your job orders.

To Create a Job Order Template:

  • Go to the Company record
  • Access the "Requirements" tab
  • Select "Create New Order Template"


24/7 Specific Fields

An accurate work site address is especially important as it is used to determine those talents within the set mileage when pulling talent

  • Select Manager- Manager will determine address.
  • Select 24/7 template from Job Detail section then select a job order template from menu.
  • Toggle all to 'active'

Click here for an article on how to make job template. 


Posting a 24/7 Job

Start Date

The start date must be in the future, even if the job is for today, the start time needs to be 5 minutes or more in the future.

End Date

If an end date is not provided for a job, the talent schedule will be blocked off for 90 days. If the 90 days elapse and no end date is entered, the job will remain for an additional 90 days. If an end date is added, it will be considered when scheduling additional 90-day blocks.

Avionte defaults to an end date of Feb 1, 2100, for jobs with no end date. Any job with no end date or a date that is over 360 days in the future will be classified as a long-term assignment.

For more information on 24/7 Standard Job Detail Fields, please refer to this article.

Picklist or Dynamic

  • Picklist: Nominating specific talent for the job.
  • Dynamic Distribution: Sending job notifications to all talent matching job criteria.

Send notification as Offer or Interest

  • Offer = talent is offered the job, first come first served.
  • Interest = talent expresses interest, recruiter selects from the interest list.

Matching Criteria

  • Talent Availability
  • Talent profile within mileage range of worksite address
  • Skill set matches job order
  • Select required days of the week for the job.


Viewing a job in BOLD

Job Sync Status

Jobs created or updated in BOLD now automatically sync to 24/7 Work, and the sync status is displayed as a tag directly under the job title in BOLD. No need to log in to 24/7 Work to confirm the record synced.

Successful Sync to 24/7 Work

If the job synced to 24/7 Work successfully, the tag will be green and say, "WorkN - Synced"

Failed Sync to 24/7 Work

If the job failed to sync to 24/7 Work, the tag will be yellow and say, "WorkN - Not Synced". Additionally, if you hover over the tag, you'll be able to view the failure reason.


How jobs notify talent

Picklist jobs

Add the best-suited candidate to the nominate bin to send them the job notification

Dynamic List jobs

Avionté sends the notification to all candidates in the Auto Matcher bin.


To receive job notifications, talent must meet certain criteria such as:

  • Worksite is within their set radius,
  • No conflicting assignments,
  • Being marked as 'available' on the app,
  • Logged in or having received a smart link,
  • Having an 'active' talent status
  • Having matching skills to the job order requirements.


Talent Experience

The app allows talent to view and express interest in jobs, accept job offers, manage their work schedule, view job details, and be redeployed.


Assigning Talent to a Job

View a list of interested candidates:

Search for the Stages term on 24/7 Work

  • Interested, Accepted, and/or Offer Accepted

Navigate to the Candidate screen to assign candidates and send the Start Sheet.

Once the candidate accepts the job, a notification is sent to them, and the job appears in the Work tab of the app.

  • To accept interest, select the "24/7 Work Interest Accepted" stage when someone expresses interest.
  • To accept an offer, select the "24/7 Work Offer Accepted" stage when someone accepts an offer.

After selecting the appropriate stage, click the green checkmark to start the talent.

This assigns the job to the talent on the 24/7 app.

Note: The talent must be started on the job in BOLD for both job types. This ensures the talent Is added to the time and pay file for payroll. 

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