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This article provides a detailed guide on how to nominate Talent for job positions using AviontéBOLD's platform. It covers essential steps, such as the nomination process, specifying pay and bill rates, assigning recruiter credits, and including relevant content. The guide also offers insights on mass nominating multiple candidates and provides tips for optimal usage of the platform's features.

Key Takeaways

  • Nomination Process: Candidates can be nominated for job positions directly from their profiles or other designated sections using the green person icon, allowing for potential submission to multiple positions at once. Additional details like Pay/Salary, Bill/Fee rates, recruiter credits, and source information can be provided for a comprehensive submission.

  • Pay and Bill Rates: Pay and bill rates can be specified during the nomination process, which are crucial financial details. It's important to note that this information won't be included in the email to the manager if the "Send Email" option is selected, but it will be recorded for internal reference.

  • Recruiter Credit and Content Inclusion: The default recruiter is automatically set to the user submitting the candidate, but this can be modified to ensure the proper recruiter receives credit. Additionally, when nominating a candidate, relevant documents like resumes and social media links can be included, either as email content or as internal notes if an email isn't sent.



Nominate a Candidate
    Pay and Bill rates
    Recruiter (Credit)
    Content (Documents...)
Mass Nominating




Icon Sections used in Description

Talent Search
Auto Matcher

Pipeline a Candidate
mceclip1.png Talent Search
Auto Matcher
Nominate a Candidate
mceclip2.png Pipelined Decline a Candidate
mceclip3.png Nominated Start Talent on the Job
mceclip4.png Nominated Remove Talent from the Job






Nominate a Candidate

There are several places that give you the ability to Nominate/Submit a candidate. If you Nominate/Submit a candidate directly from their profile you can nominate/submit them for multiple positions at once. 

  1. The green person mceclip1.png icon, will add the candidate to the Nominated section.


  2. Once you've nominated the candidate, you'll see a flyout window to complete some additional steps.  
    1. Pay / Salary: This may get pre-populated, but you can enter a rate.
    2. Bill / Fee: This may get pre-populated, but you can enter a rate.
      1. Job Mark-ups
    3. Recruiter: Select the Recruiter that should receive the credit.
    4. Source: Select a Source that the Talent/Candidate came from.
    5. Send Email (checkbox): Click the checkbox to send an email to the Hiring Manager
      1. Email Merge fields
    6. Email Subject: This is pre-populated but can be edited.
    7. Include Talent Comments
    8. Include Networking Information:
    9. Email Body
    10. Talent Documents
    11. Talent Resumes: Select a Resume from the drop down
    12. Include Feedback Form: Select a Feedback Form
      1. Feedback Forms


  3. Click on the Nominate button



Pay and Bill rates

Notice the Pay and Bill information can be entered above the email section. This information will NOT go out to the manager when the “Send Email” box is checked. It will store under the Job Board Tab and in the applicant profile under Job Activities as well as appear on the job board manager.


Recruiter (Credit)

When you are submitting a candidate, you’ll notice there is a drop-down menu next to recruiter (see below). The Recruiter, by default, will be the user submitting the Candidate to the client but can easily be changed to the Recruiter that deserves the recruiting credit.




If at anytime the “Recruiter” needs to be changed to a different user, this can done be within the Talent Screen of the job the candidate was submitted to. To do this, simply go to the Talent Screen and find the submitted Candidate. Click on the current Recruiter name and a drop-down list will appear for you to select the new Recruiter.



Content (Documents, etc...)

When you Nominate a candidate you can include the documents from the applicant's profile such as the resume and links to their social media. The content entered within the text box will serve as the email content - or, notes, if you are not sending the submittal via email. To streamline the creation process, create a "nomination" email template to be leveraged from any nomination flyout.




Note on comments: The Manager Comments section in the Job search results (and Talent Screen bucket) do NOT use Feedback Forms. The way to get comments into this area is to log in as a Contact into the Contact Portal and submit comments through the Comment area there. That is the only way to have info populate in this area.

Contact Experience


Mass Nominating

From the Talent Page, check the boxes (on the left) of the applicants/talent you want to mass nominate/submit. This can be done under the Pipeline/Under Consideration and Web applicants/talent section of the Talent/Candidate Management screen.



Once you select Nominate/Submit, you will be brought to the following screen:




Enter any required information, and click “Nominate/Submit Candidates“. Once the applicants/talent are nominated/submitted, you will be brought back to the talent/candidate management screen, and from here you will see the two new nominated/submitted candidates at the top of the Current Nominees/Submitted Candidates section.



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