Electronic W-2 Consent (Adobe Sign)

Employees must consent to be provided only the electronic version of their W-2s. To collect consent from your Talent to only receive an electronic W-2, we are providing an Adobe Sign mapping.  Using this Adobe mapping will allow you to create an electronic signature form using Adobe Sign.

Note: Talent will receive an electronic W-2, the electronic consent is consenting to not receive a paper form.


In the field on the Adobe Sign form where you allow your Talent to indicate that yes, they would like to only receive an electronic W-2, we can use the field name of “Electronic W2 Consent”.  Please feel free to configure this field as you like, but to ensure the data flows back into Avionte you will need to have a "yes" value and a "no" value for the electronic consent field in Avionte.

The mapping for the Adobe Sign document should look like below:


This will ensure that the yes or no selection from the Talent will populate into the Talent > Tax > Electronic W2 Consent field as "Opted In" (if Yes on the form, or "Not Opted In" if No is selected on the form.  When you are processing your W2’s at the end of the year and are running your W2 report, you can choose not to include those who want to receive it electronically. This will minimize the number of printed W2’s.


Note: If you turn on the W-2 section of the Talent access area, W-2’s will display for all Talent, regardless of whether or not they have opted in for an electronic W-2.  The consent portion is to help you manage which W-2’s need to be printed.  The goal of this is to help make your year-end W-2 process more electronic, and thereby convenient.


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