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The Talent Experience in AviontéBOLD allows Employees to log in to a personal portal to complete Talent Tasks, enter and submit their Timesheets, update their profile, view their Pay History, and submit Expense Reports. The Talent Experience can be viewed in English, Spanish, or French using Google Translate.

Note: This article is for the desktop version of the talent portal.

Key Takeaways

  • AviontéBOLD's Talent Experience provides employees with a personalized portal for duties like completing Talent Tasks, submitting Timesheets, and managing profiles, accessible in multiple languages through Google Translate.

  • Access to the Talent Experience is automatically granted when a user sends an Onboarding Task to the Talent, initiating a straightforward login process using the Talent's email address and a password of their choice.

  • The Talent Experience's user-friendly navigation offers key features including myDashboard for task management, Expense Reports for tracking job-related expenses, Timesheets for easy time entry, Profile editing, Pay History access, and electronic W2 display, streamlining Talent management and self-service functionalities.


Video Demonstration
Access & Login
Display W2s


Video Demonstration

View this video demonstration to walk through the features available in the Talent Experience.


Access & Login

Talent's access to the Talent Experience portal is automatically enabled when a user sends an Onboarding Task to the talent.

At that time, the talent will automatically receive an email with a link to the Talent Experience. They will use their e-mail address for the Username & be prompted to create a password.


Sending Onboarding Tasks

  1. Select Talent from the main menu
  2. Search for the Talent to whom you wish to send the onboarding task
  3. On the talent's page, open the Onboarding tab.


    • If the menu does not include the Onboarding tab, click the hiddentabicon.png icon to the right of the menu.



  4. After selecting the Onboarding tab, click the Send Onboarding Tasks button in the Onboarding Tasks area.


  5. A menu displays. Click a menu down-arrow to expand a set of tasks or task packets.

  6. Search for specific tasks or packets of tasks. Click the hiddentabicon.png icon to add a task or packet for sending.


    • Multiple tasks, or packets of tasks, can be selected before being sent to the talent. 
    • Click the Xicon.PNG icon next to a task name to remove it from consideration. 

  7. Once your tasks are selected, click Send to send the tasks to the talent. 




The Talent Experience is separated into various main menu tabs. The sections below highlight the features and instructions for using each tab.



This is the Home Page of the Talent Experience. Here, talent can:

  • Review any outstanding Talent Tasks assigned to the Talent
  • Click on a Task to launch the Talent Task so the Talent can complete it




Expense Reports



If a Talent is on a job that requires expenses the Talent can create Expense Reports through the Employee Portal. To create an Expense Report, complete the following:

  1. Click Create New Expense Report
  2. Select the Job with enabled expenses with which these items are associated
  3. Enter the Expense Report Title
  4. Enter any Expense Report Notes
  5. Click Add Item to specify the expense. Repeat this step for all items in the Expense Report. To enter the Item information, complete the following fields:
    • Item
    • Item Type
    • Item Date
    • Item Cost
    • Attachment (receipt or other supporting documents)

  6. Expense Attachments will display the attachment(s) that are uploaded
  7. Clicking Save will save the expense report to drafts
  8. Clicking Save and Submit will submit the Expense Report to the approver

Once the Expense Report is rejected or approved, the Talent will see the expense moved to either the Rejected or Approved Expenses category.



The Timesheets section allows talent to enter their time worked online and submit it to the Job's manager for approval. Here, talent can choose from a list of all jobs they are working on that Timesheet entry is required. A few other key features of Timesheets include:

  • Talent can enter time & adjust breaks as necessary
  • Talent can add Notes to the Timesheet
  • Talent can set-up default hours & hit the “Apply Default” button to automatically insert those default hours.
  • Submitted Timesheets can be extracted to PDF’s



Talent can enter time by:

  1. Clicking View Timesheet under an assignment to open the timecard for that Job.
  2. Enter the time in, out, and any break time for each work day
  3. Save the entries:
    • Clicking Save Timesheet will save to drafts, allowing the talent to enter their time progressively throughout the week and saving their changes. 
    • Clicking Save & Submit Timesheet will save the timecard & submit the Timesheet to the Timesheet Approver for the Job.
    • Clicking Submit Zero Hours will submit zero hours for the week since no work occurred.
Note: Each order that is using Timesheets needs to have “Batch Hours” and “Withhold Emails” disabled.

This can be changed in the Operations & Financials widget of the Job Details page:




You can provide your Talent access to view and edit the various areas of their profile.  These areas include: Personal Info, Resume, Education, Work History, Competencies, and Direct Deposit.  This can be turned on for Talent access in Utilities > Talent Profiles.


Any data provided by the talent for these items will update their Avionté profile.

The following fields are required; they must have a value to update the corresponding section. The application will validate whether a required field is filled or not.


Personal info: First Name, Last Name, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal, Phone.

  • If using a Country like Japan or Italy, that may use prefectures, have the available prefectures shown under the "State" dropdown. This is not a required field and used for reference only.

Education (The talent can leave this section blank, but if they choose to add a record, all fields are required): School, Specialization, Degree Type, From and To.

Work History: (if the talent is adding a record) Employer and Title.

Competencies: A Category and Skill must be selected to add a record here.

Direct Deposit: All fields are required to add an account - Bank or Paycard Name, Routing Number, Account Number, Country.

By using this feature, you can give your talent access to manage their own profiles. This means they can access any of these sections and update the data accordingly.


Pay History

If enabled by an adminisistrator, Talent can view their pay history while logged in to the Talent Portal.


Pay History widget

Options available include:

  • 1095-C
  • 1099
  • Paychecks
  • W2

If you prefer for your talent to update their information when you request it from them, you can choose to use the onboarding tasks. See the onboarding task list for more information on what this will look like for your talent.

The Profile section enables talent to update their basic information if any updates or changes occur. 

Note: Note:  Visibility for each of the Profile Tabs can be restricted by internal users via Utilities.


This main menu tab is separated into various sub-sections:

  • Personal Information
    • Allows the Talent to view & edit their Personal Information on file. 


    • Contact Address
      • This allows the Talent to view and update their address information. A checkbox under the Personal Information contact address indicates "This is also my payment address." If checked, this will copy the information to the Payment Address section. The Payment Address information should flow to the "Payment Address" under the Talent Tax tab, and flow through to the back office for correct routing of paychecks.
        • If using a Country like Japan or Italy, that may use prefectures, have the available prefectures shown under the "State" dropdown.  This is not a required field and used for reference only.
    • Payment Address
        • Here the talent can update their payment address if it is different from their contact address. 
  •  Resume
    • Allows the Talent to upload a Resume
  • Education
    • Allows the Talent to view & edit their Education
  • Work History
    • Allows the Talent to view & edit their Work History
  • Competencies
    • Allows the Talent to view & edit their Competencies
  • Direct Deposit
    • Allows the Talent to view & edit their Direct Deposit
  • Pay History
    • Talent will be able to view their Paystubs as well as electronically posted W2’s.


Display W2s

You can give Talent access to their W2's electronically. You can minimize the number of W2's that need to be printed if you take advantage of this feature.


W2 Electronic Access

During your year-end processing, once you have flagged the quarter as complete.  W2’s will be accessible via the Talent access area.

To display W2’s on the Talent access area,

  1. Go to Utilities
  2. Go Talent Profiles
  3. Toggle On the W2 area, under the Pay History section.

This will activate the W2 section on the Talent access area, in Pay History




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