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AviontéBOLD provides a comprehensive talent portal for candidates, guiding them through onboarding to hiring. The portal encompasses various sections, including myDashboard, Timesheets, Profile, Pay History, Taxes, and more. Within each section, talents can access and manage their personal information, expenses, timesheets, pay history, and tax-related documents, making the overall experience streamlined and efficient.

Note: This article is for the desktop version of the talent portal.


Key Takeaways

  1. Talent Portal Overview: The AviontéBOLD talent portal offers a complete experience for candidates, covering various aspects from onboarding to pay history. The portal includes sections like myDashboard, Timesheets, Profile, Pay History, Taxes, and more, allowing talents to access and manage their information efficiently.

  2. Profile Management: Within the Profile section, talents can update their personal information, upload resumes, provide education and work history details, and even set up direct deposit information. This ensures that candidates have control over their own profiles and can keep their information up to date.

  3. Pay and Tax Information: Talents using AviontéBOLD's fully integrated front-to-back office product can access their pay history, including paychecks and W2 forms. The portal also offers electronic access to W2 forms, allowing talents to provide consent through an Adobe Sign form for electronic W2 delivery, streamlining the year-end W2 process.



Pay History
W2 Electronic Access




Here is where talent can see their Onboarding Task dashboard widget as well as their assigned tasks in a task list.  These are the things that they have been assigned to complete as a part of onboarding.




Expense Report

If you prefer to separate timesheets and expenses, this area is where expense reporting will be accessed.  This allows talent to submit expenses comprehensively, separately from their timesheets. This section includes Draft, Pending, Rejected, and Approved expense reports.



If Expenses aren't set up for the Job, then you will see the following message:




This is the location where talent will log their weekly time. Talent can submit or review timesheets here. The screen also displays who the Talent's representative is.




The Profile section enables talent to update their basic information if any updates or changes occur. 

Any data provided by the talent for these items will update their Avionté profile.

The following fields are required; they must have a value to update the corresponding section. The application will validate whether a required field is filled or not.


Personal info

First Name, Last Name, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal, Phone.

  • If using a Country like Japan or Italy, that may use prefectures, have the available prefectures shown under the "State" dropdown. This is not a required field and is used for reference only.




This area will show the Resume and allow for one to be uploaded.



(The talent can leave this section blank, but if they choose to add a record, all fields are required): School, Specialization, Degree Type, From, and To.



Work History




A Category and Skill must be selected to add a record here.

Note: If the Skills aren't displaying here, the Administrator may need to activate this in Utilities > Talent Profile Tabs for this to be 'Talent Facing'.



Direct Deposit

All fields are required to add an account - Bank or Paycard Name, Routing Number, Account Number, Country.




This shows the documents uploaded and Adobe documents completed.

  1. Click on the Profile tab
  2. Click on the Documents tab
  3. Click on the Upload Document button
  4. Select the file to upload



By using this feature, you can give your talent access to manage their own profiles. This means they can access any of these sections and update the data accordingly.

If you prefer for your talent to update their information when you request it from them, you can choose to use the onboarding tasks.


Pay History

This area is only for clients with the fully integrated front-to-back office AvionteBOLD product.  In the Utilities > Talent Profiles area there is an additional section called “Pay History” and here both Paychecks and W2s can be turned on for Talent to access.



If the Administrator sets up this option, you will be able to see your Paystubs.






You can give Talent access to their W2s electronically. You can minimize the number of W2s that need to be printed if you take advantage of this feature.



W2 Electronic Access




To collect consent from your Talent to receive an electronic W2, we provide an Adobe Sign mapping to collect this data.  This will allow you to create an electronic signature form using Adobe Sign. In the field on the Adobe Sign form where you allow your Talent to indicate that yes, they would like to receive an electronic W2, we can use the field name “Electronic W2 Consent”.  Please feel free to configure this field as you like, but to ensure the data flows back into Avionte you will need to have a "yes" value and a "no" value that matches the drop-down for the electronic consent field in Avionté.


This will ensure that the yes or no selection from Talent will populate into the Talent > Tax > Electronic W2 Consent field.  When you are processing your W2s at the end of the year and are running your W2 report, you can choose not to include those who want to receive it electronically. This will minimize the number of printed W2s.


Note: If you turn on the W2 section of the Talent access area, W2’s will display for all Talent regardless of whether or not they have opted in for an electronic W2.  The consent function is to help you manage which W2s need to be printed.  The goal is to help make your year-end W2 process more electronic and convenient.


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