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AviontéBOLD's CRM offers search and organizational tools to manage companies, contacts, and offices effectively. The Quick Search is optimal for locating known entities, while the CRM Search allows users to refine results using filters, column configurations, and saved searches.

Tips include using company categories for client organization and position-based skill tags for marketing talent to customers. The Contact Activities Search assists in finding hiring managers for active accounts and reconnecting via tasks or emails. Additionally, users can search by company or office names to narrow results based on their needs.

Key Takeaways

  • AviontéBOLD's CRM offers efficient search tools, with Quick Search for known entities and CRM Search allowing users to refine results, configure columns, and save searches, enhancing company and contact management.

  • Tips and tricks include using company categories for client organization, utilizing position-based skill tags for marketing talent, and employing the Contact Activities Search to reconnect with hiring managers for active accounts.

  • Users can navigate effectively through CRM searches, leverage status and category filters for targeted results, and employ strategic searches by company or office names, providing a comprehensive guide to maximize CRM functionality in talent management.

If you already know the Company/Contact name, Quick Search is the best way to find the Company/Contact.







CRM Search

  1. Begin building your search by typing in search terms, and you'll see appropriate filters appear beneath the term.

  2. Configure your results and reorder your columns.

  3. Save your search to bypass having to set up your columns and filters again.

  4. Switch between the company and contact results view.

  5. Use the preview icon, and gain access to view the contact’s activities, jobs, and tags.

  6. Select Contacts and you can begin taking mass actions.

  7. You can also keep track of the last company or contact that you've reached out to.


Marketing Talent to a Customer Search

  • We recommend organizing your Contacts with the position category using skill tags, as they are shared between both contacts and applicants.
  • If you have a strong applicant with a distinct skill set, you can locate clients who hire for those skills.

  1. Use the Status filter to find your active clients.

  2. Then use the company category filter to find Contacts with a specific position title or skill set.

  3. Next, send these Contacts an email to market your applicant.



Contact Activities

  1. Use the Contact Activities Search to locate hiring managers at active accounts with whom you have not spoken recently.

  2. Use the status filter to find your active customers, and then the activity search to view all Contacts who have not had an email sent to them in the last couple of months.

  3. Then, leverage the flagging filter to locate the Contacts you have deemed green, or OK to reach out to.

  4. Create a task to reach out, or send an email to say hello.



Search by Company / Office Name

Search by the Office Name, as well as the Company Name.

This can help narrow results for Companies by searching for specific Offices or by searching only Offices (no Company Name)





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