Create and Manage Company Offices

AviontéBOLD users are able to create and manage multiple offices under a single company. The use of offices recognizes the existence of multiple locations while taking advantage of templated fields, such as sales rep and commission allocation. This knowledge base article discusses creating and using offices in your daily workflow.

Key Takeaways

  • AviontéBOLD allows users to create and manage multiple offices within a single company, each with unique location-specific details like address and sales representatives.

  • When creating a new office, users can fill out location information, set default job branches, assign sales representatives, and establish commission allocations, providing a comprehensive view of the office's setup.

  • Offices in AviontéBOLD facilitate efficient workflow management, allowing users to add contacts, create jobs, and manage addresses specific to each office location, streamlining operations for multi-location companies.


Creating Offices
Using Offices


Creating Offices

Creating offices is done on the Contacts tab of the Company page.


Image: Company screen - Contacts tab

  1. On the Company page, search for the Company you want to work with, then select it. It will open in a new tab.
  2. Click on the Contacts tab.
  3. Create a new office by clicking on the Add New Office button.
  4. The Create a New Office flyout opens.


Image: Create a New Office

5. Fill out the form according to the location information. Note that none of the fields are required; it is technically possible (but not recommended) to leave fields blank.

Field Name Details
Suggestion: base the name on location, unless there are other factors
Use this to indicate the street address
Identify a suite number or other additional address information
Office Zip/Postal Code Entering this will populate a geocode
Office Phone  
Default Job Branch These are taken from existing branches for the company
Selecting a sales rep will ensure that new jobs created at this office will have that sales rep as the default. The system populates this dropdown based on which Default Job Branch is chosen. 
Additional Transactions Setting values for these fields will establish Additional Transaction type defaults for the office. This gives you the ability to be able to define default additional transaction types on a job so you don't need to add/configure them on a per-placement basis manually.
Commission Allocation Setting values for these fields will establish a default commission for jobs created at this office. Commissions.


6. When ready, click Submit. The system adds the new office in alphabetical order. Scroll down if you don't see it right away.

Image: Example of Newly Created Office 



Using Offices


Adding New Contacts

You can add new contacts to each office by selecting the Add New Contact button.
This is located next to each office. Clicking this opens the Create New Contact flyout.


Image: Create New Contact


Several of the fields are pre-filled based on the office information. Enter the remaining desired fields and click Submit. Note that no fields are required for this form; you can create a contact with no details (but this is not recommended). After submitting, the system displays a notification.



Image: New Contact Added


You can either View the contact, or click Done to close the window. Clicking View opens the Contact information in a new browser tab.


Image: Contact



Creating A Job in A New Office

  1. To create a job in the new office, click the Create Job button.
  2. The system opens the Create Job flyout. Relevant information from the new office is pre-filled.




Image: Job Details showing Job Branch and Sales Rep

Note that the Sales Rep is prepopulated with the value chosen when the office was created. This means you don't need to replace the Sales Rep with a new value every time.


Image: Create Job flyout with Commission Allocation and Notification information prepopulated


Certain fields are required for a job to be created. These include:

  • Manager
  • Email
  • Worker's Comp Code
  • Start Date
  • Target Bill Rate
  • Target Pay Rate
  • Position Title

3. When ready, click the Create Job button. The system displays a notification:



4. You can choose to display the job created, create a similar job, or create a new job; or click Done to close the screen.


Note: When users create Jobs, they need to know what Contacts they can hire for different Office locations. To assist, we have provided the ability for you to move one or many offices to the top of the Office tab on the Company profile. The first office will be at the very top. The next office will be below that, and so on.


Adding An Address

To create a new Billing or Worksite Addresses address for the office, click the Add Address button.

The system will open the Create a New Address flyout.


Image: Create a New Address flyout


No fields are required for this form, so be sure to double-check your entries before submitting it.

After clicking Submit, the system will display the address in the Billing & Worksite Addresses section of the office.


Image: New Worksite



Editing An Office

Offices can be edited by clicking the Edit Office button. This is also how offices are deleted [archived] if you wish to do that.

Information on deleting offices



Image: Edit Office


Note: The three options available for applying the changes to the office and select one based on your needs.

When you have made the desired changes, click Submit. The system closes the flyout and displays the office on the company screen.


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