Workers Compensation Codes - Display Improved

Users searching for and adding workers compensation codes on a Company in the Operational Information area need to be able to see the code, the state it is for, and the description to ensure they are selecting the right code.
Previously, this posed an issue due to the size of the area.  Code descriptions that do not fit in the search view and in the selected view were cut off with an ellipsis (3 dots).

To address this, we made the following changes in the June 2020 release:
  • For the hover that displays while searching - the full details of a WC Code will be visible.
  • When the user begins typing a workers comp code, a list of matches will appear that hovers underneath. The full details will show when selecting codes for a Company. 

  • For saved codes, the full details can be viewed.



Screenshot: Adding A Workers Comp Code in the Operational Information Area 



Screenshot: Viewing Workers Compensation Codes After They Are Added



Additional updates to the search function when adding workers compensation codes were released July 30th, 2020.  These improvements include:

  • The ability to search on the state plus the description field at once to further filter down the available list of results. 
    • For example:  If I am searching for the workers compensation code where the state = MN, description = heavy machinery operator, and code = 5468.  I will be able to enter "mn heavy" in the search and return this specific code in my results.  


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