Sub Vendors - Overview and Webinar

When a staffing company needs help fulfilling orders, they might use a sub agency to join the search effort.  The sub agency is provided access to job orders, ultimately submitting the candidates they have sourced to the organization. 

Sub Vendor functionality in Bold allows you to share jobs with other companies via the Sub Vendor portal. To share jobs with Sub Vendor contacts, you must first create them as users.

Note: To use Sub-Vendor functionality, you must have it enabled in your System. Please reach out to your Avionté representative if you do not see Sub-Vendors available in your platform.

Key Takeaways

  • Sub-Vendor Collaboration: Utilize the Sub Vendor functionality in Bold to share job orders with external agencies, streamlining the candidate search and submission process.

  • Efficient Workflow: Follow a systematic approach to create and manage Sub Vendors, including setting up Sub Vendor companies, creating contacts, and enabling users for seamless collaboration.

  • Sub Vendor Portal Experience: Sub Vendors log into a dedicated portal, view shared jobs, and submit candidates, facilitating a transparent and collaborative workflow with the main staffing agency.

The following webinar details how to create sub vendors, provide job order access to sub vendors, and how sub vendors can submit candidates to the staffing agency.



Create a Sub Vendor Company
Create a Sub Vendor Contact
Create a User for Contact
Sharing a Job
Sub Vendor Portal Experience
Where to Find Submitted Talent





Create a Sub Vendor Company

  • Go to Sub Vendors tab and click Add New Vendors
    • Add Sub Vendor Company Name
    • Add which internal Representative will own the Sub Vendor account
    • Add Address of Sub Vendor Company
    • Designate status of Sub Vendor company
    • Add website if applicable
  • Once the record is created, you can go to the Operational Information widget and input a Contract Markup and Permanent Markup for informational purposes



Create a Sub Vendor Contact

  • Go to your newly created Sub Vendor company record
  • Go to Contacts tab
  • Click Add New Contact & fill out flyout with contact’s information



Create a User for Contact

  • Go to the User record and under Quick Actions, select Create User Record. This will automatically send out an email to the email address on the contact’s record with steps to login and a temporary password.



Sharing a Job

  • To share a job with a Sub Vendor, go to an existing job record
  • In the Job Details, go to the Job Sub Vendors widget. If you have already shared the job with Sub Vendors, you will see them listed in the widget.
    • If you do not see this widget, click Add Widget in the top right corner to add additional widgets


  • To share with a Sub Vendor, select your desired Sub Vendor company from the Sub Vendor dropdown of this widget. Click the Plus sign to add that Sub Vendor
  • You will get a pop-up message letting you know that any contact under that Sub Vendor that has access to the Sub Vendor Portal will be able to submit candidates for this job. Click Add to continue.

  • The Sub Vendor will now appear in the widget. You can push a notification to them via email by clicking the Notify button from the widget


  • If you want to deviate from the Sub Vendor’s listed Contract Markup on the record, you can edit the Fee % on this specific job from the Sub Vendor widget


Sub Vendor Portal Experience

  • Your Sub Vendors will log into the same URL that you log into, but with a different set of credentials.
  • When they log into the Sub Vendor Portal, they will see a Dashboard that provides them contact information for their representative.
  • To see Jobs that have been shared with them, they will go to the Jobs tab of the Portal


When the sub-vendor logs into their portal, the first screen they will see directs them to their Account Representative.

  1. At the top of the following screen, they can click on the Jobs tab; this will show them all of the jobs where they have been granted access to work. The sub vendor's main purpose at this stage is to locate and identify candidates that would have the best fit for the positions assigned to them.
  2. When a sub-vendor thinks they have found a good fit, they can submit a candidate for the client's review by clicking the Submit Candidate button. This opens the Submit to Job flyout.
  3. In the flyout, they can Upload a Resume. This will populate the flyout with the candidate's information. The sub-vendor can also include any notes they would like to be sent to the representative. Clicking Submit sends the candidate.
  4. After the candidate has been submitted, the sub-vendor will see a running list of all of the candidates submitted for a position.


  • When viewing All Open Jobs, they will see all the jobs that you have shared with them as well as an option to submit a candidate for that job. If candidates have already been submitted, they will see the status of that candidate in the Portal as well.


  • Status definitions:
    • Pending means that the submitted candidate was submitted on behalf of the SubVendor and may be moving through Pipeline and Nominated stages
    • Declined means that the candidate was Declined
    • Placed means that the candidate was accepted and placed on the position


Where to Find Submitted Talent

  • Talent submitted via the Sub Vendor Portal will appear on the Job Candidate Screen page in the category of Vendor Applicants. Buttons on the right-hand side will give options to move the candidate through Pipeline or Nomination stages, or reject them immediately.
  • Click the Resume button to view their resume and preview their employee record




Once a candidate has been started, the sub-vendor will receive a notification that their candidate has been placed. They will see a record of this within their Jobs tab. A Currently Placed sub-menu option will be displayed, which will display all of the processed, started contractors submitted by the sub-vendor.



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