Troubleshooting Job Boards


Updated 01/18/2022


Job not posting? - Go to the job in Avionté and check that it was posted correctly. 


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If posted correctly, find out how their job board is implemented (iFrame, JSON, RSS or Web Apply API)

  • If iFrame first identify which job board editor they're using. (If using the old job board, use that opportunity to get them onto the most recent careers page editor). Next, check that the URL of their careers page matches the URL that's set in the job board editor.  If it doesn't match, add it to the editor, save and have them refresh their careers page. 
  • If the URL matches, the second thing you'll need to check is that the iFrame was embedded correctly. Go the careers page and right click the section where the jobs should be. Click View Page Source. Select "Ctrl" and "F" and begin looking for the code that should have been embedded. 

For the old job board editor, refer to the iFrame code

<script type="text/javascript"   src=""></script>

Check that the code matches above and that their build name is spelled correctly. Also, ensure that if it's staff build the code says, staff. Same for corp. 


Also, check that they've embedded either: 

<body onload="getreq()">


<script type="text/javascript"> window.onload=function(){getreq()}; </script>

For the new career page integration:

Check that their 'Careers Page Iframe: was embedded correctly. 




Make sure that Job Search has at least one search function turned on in addition to Applicant Details

If you're still unable to resolve the issue, note the job tested, the careers page affected and provide it to Dev for further testing. 

If JSON, RSS or Web Apply, check that their feed is feeding all of the data correctly. To test, click on the feed URL in their careers page editor or in the job board editor. 

If they're posting via location, department, etc, check that the posted job has that associated with it. 

ie. if the client is displaying their jobs by location - Norcal Jobs, then make sure the job has a city, state included in the job details page. 

If posting by department- such as IT Jobs then make sure the job has a department associated with it. 

If all else fails, please refer to the dev team for further assistance. 


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