Create and Edit Purchase Orders (PO #s)

Avionté provides users with the ability to allocate multiple Purchase Orders to a start. If there is ever a time when a contractor is assigned to various projects for one client, Avionté users can easily track and manage what has been completed and which projects are pending completion.

Note: The Threshold Notifications don't work for Integrated Clients.

Key Takeaways

  • Avionté enables users to efficiently allocate multiple Purchase Orders to a start, facilitating the tracking and management of various projects for a single client.
  • Users can set up notifications for reaching client PO threshold amounts, enhancing visibility and control over budget limits by receiving timely email alerts.
  • The creation of unique Purchase Order numbers and the ability to manage thresholds in Avionté's interface ensures accurate tracking and seamless integration with Classic/Back Office systems.

Users can also set notifications when they are close to reaching their client’s PO threshold amount by simply checking a box.

You will be able to check a box to indicate that you would like to receive an email with the threshold amount is reached. To set up the notification, go into the desired Company profile –> POs tab and enter the information. Lastly, check the box to set the notification.



Create a Purchase Order
Duplicate PO Numbers



Create a Purchase Order

  1. Go to the Company record where you want to add the PO # for.
  2. Click on the POs sub-tab.
    Note: The PO # must be unique or you'll be prevented from adding (for that Company).


  3. Click on the Add New PO button


  4. Enter information into the following fields:
    1. PO Number: Enter a unique alphanumeric value (duplicates aren't allowed)
    2. PO Amount: Enter the total amount of the PO
    3. Amount Used: The amount of funds used in the purchase order
    4. Remaining: Calculated as the difference between PO limit and Amount Used (PO Amount – Amount Used)
    5. Description: Enter a description about the Purchase Order
    6. Send Notification Email when remaining amount reaches threshold (checkbox): Check this to receive a notification when the amount reaches the Threshold amount.
      Note: The Threshold Notifications don't work for Integrated Clients.
  • For integrated customers the Amount Used and Remaining Amounts fields will be greyed out and not editable.  The Amount Used field is calculated during the billing process.  The Remaining Amount is updated when the invoice is posted.  

  • For BOLD only customers, the Amount Used field will be editable.  The Remaining Amount field will be greyed out and will be calculated based upon the amounts in PO Amount and Amount Used. 



If you click the checkbox for Send Notification Email when remaining amount reaches threshold, then two new fields will appear:

  • Threshold: Enter the amount to receive the notification
  • Notifications To: Type a name and select the User(s)

Click on the Create PO button



Duplicate PO Numbers

The Purchase Orders sync to Classic / Back Office.


New Purchase Order #

When creating a Purchase Order (PO) Number, it must be unique for that Company. All PO #s in your system must be unique, and there are any duplicates previously listed then you’ll be prompted to update to a unique PO #.

  1. The PO Number must be unique otherwise you’ll be prevented from adding.

  2. Once the PO Number is validated, you are able to finish adding.


Updating Purchase Order #

Go to the Company record that has the Purchase Order you want to change.


  1. Click on the POs tab
  2. Click on the Edit button for the PO # to change.

  3. Update the PO Number:

  4. If the new PO # is a duplicate, you’ll see an error message when attempting to update the PO.

  5. Once you type in a unique PO #, the error message will disappear.
  6. Click on the Update PO button

  7. Notice the PO Number has been updated


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