Create and Edit Purchase Orders (PO #s)

Avionté provides users with the ability to allocate multiple Purchase Orders to a start. If there is ever a time when a contractor is assigned to various projects for one client, Avionté users can easily track and manage what has been completed and which projects are pending completion.

Note: The Threshold Notifications don't work for Integrated Clients.

Key Takeaways

  • Avionté enables users to efficiently allocate multiple Purchase Orders to a start, facilitating the tracking and management of various projects for a single client.
  • Users can set up notifications for reaching client PO threshold amounts, enhancing visibility and control over budget limits by receiving timely email alerts.
  • The creation of unique Purchase Order numbers and the ability to manage thresholds in Avionté's interface ensures accurate tracking and seamless integration with Classic/Back Office systems.

Users can also set notifications when they are close to reaching their client’s PO threshold amount by simply checking a box.

You will be able to check a box to indicate that you would like to receive an email with the threshold amount is reached. To set up the notification, go into the desired Company profile –> POs tab and enter the information. Lastly, check the box to set the notification.



Create a Purchase Order
Duplicate PO Numbers



Create a Purchase Order

  1. Go to the Company record where you want to add the PO # for.
  2. Click on the POs sub-tab.
    Note: The PO # must be unique or you'll be prevented from adding (for that Company).


  3. Click on the Add New PO button


  4. Enter information into the following fields:
    1. PO Number: Enter a unique alphanumeric value (duplicates aren't allowed)
    2. Net Amount: Enter the total amount of the PO
    3. Remaining: Enter an amount if part of the PO has previously been used.
    4. Description: Enter a description about the Purchase Order
    5. Send Notification Email when remaining amount reaches threshold (checkbox): Check this to receive a notification when the amount reaches the Threshold amount.
      Note: The Threshold Notifications don't work for Integrated Clients.




If you click the checkbox for Send Notification Email when remaining amount reaches threshold, then 2 new fields will appear:

  • Threshold: Enter the amount to receive the notification
  • Notifications To: Type a name and select the User(s)

Click on the Create PO button






Note: Be sure to enter the amount in the Remaining field.  This can be very helpful in the event the Net Amount and Remaining don't match (Example: the PO # has been partially used prior to setup in BOLD).


If the Purchase Order hasn't been used, and you have one for $15,000, then you would use:

  • Net Amount = 15,000
  • Remaining = 15,000


If you have a Purchase Order for $15,000, but only $1,000 remain when you enter into BOLD, then you would use:

  • Net Amount = 15,000
  • Remaining = 1,000




Duplicate PO Numbers

The Purchase Orders sync to Classic / Back Office.


New Purchase Order #

When creating a Purchase Order (PO) Number, it must be unique for that Company. All PO #s in your system must be unique, and there are any duplicates previously listed then you’ll be prompted to update to a unique PO #.

  1. The PO Number must be unique otherwise you’ll be prevented from adding.


  2. Once the PO Number is validated, you are able to finish adding.



Updating Purchase Order #

Go to the Company record that has the Purchase Order you want to change.



  1. Click on the POs tab
  2. Click on the Edit button for the PO # to change.


  3. Update the PO Number:


  4. If the new PO # is a duplicate, you’ll see an error message (it takes a couple seconds to display)


  5. Once you type in a unique PO #, the error message will disappear.
  6. Click on the Update PO button


  7. Notice the PO Number has been updated



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