Create, Edit, and Delete Announcements

Clients have requested the ability to send out notifications or broadcast messages to users in the BOLD system, including the Talent Portals and/or Contact Portals.

We have built an Announcements feature to accomplish this. Announcements can be broadcast to HCM Users, Talent Users, Hiring Manager Users, or any combination of the three.

On the Announcements page, users with access can post announcements, view previously posted announcements, and delete them.

Key Takeaways

  • Broadcast Notifications: The Announcements feature in BOLD allows clients to send notifications or broadcast messages to HCM Users, Talent Users, and Hiring Manager Users.

  • Customized Communication: Users can create announcements with specified activation and expiration dates, target audiences, and content, ensuring tailored and timely communication.

  • User-Friendly Management: The Announcements page provides a user-friendly interface for posting, viewing, editing, and deleting announcements, offering flexibility and control over the communication process.


How It Works


Create an Announcement

When you create announcements, you can choose who will be able to view the announcements, and set an expiration date for the announcements.

  1. Click on Account & Settings
  2. Click on Utilities
  3. Click on the User Announcements tile
  4. Click Create New Entry
    Account Settings - Utilities - User Announcements.gif

  5. Enter values for the fields you wish:
    1. Title: is a freeform field with a maximum of 255 characters.
    2. Activate Date and Expire Date: show calendar controls where you can pick a date.
      1. The activation date must be before the expiration date.


      2. If the activation date is in the past, it will show immediately

      3. If the expiration date is the current date, or in the past, the message will not be shown.
    3. Audience: allows you to determine who sees the announcements, by user type - Recruiter, Talent, or Manager.
      1. To ensure that everyone sees your announcements, click all three options.
    4. Content: is a freeform field, paragraph style, with a maximum of 8000 characters.
  6. Click on the Save Announcement button



When an announcement is "broadcast," a number is displayed on the user's avatar picture (the main menu control) with the count of announcements available.



Additional notes

If any of the following announcement fields are blank, it won't be broadcast: Activate Date, Audience. This means it won't show up to users in the indicator area of the Account & Settings menu). All of the above fields must have a value for a broadcast to occur.

When an expiration date is reached, an announcement will no longer show up in a user's count indicator or in the Announcements display flyout. It will no longer be broadcast to users.

There are no options to restrict the audience of an announcement beyond user type. When you select a user type, the announcement will appear for all users of that type; that is, all Recruiters, and/or all Talent, and/or all Managers.



In the same tile, authorized users can delete posted announcements they have created, as well as others to which they have access.

  1. Click on the Edit icon
  2. Update information as needed



In the same tile, authorized users can delete posted announcements they have created, as well as others to which they have access.

  1. Do this by clicking the delete (trashcan) button.
  2. A prompt will appear confirming that you want to delete the announcement.


  • Click Delete to proceed with the removal.


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