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KB Search Best Practices

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Transition Verbiage


Basic Navigation

AviontéBOLD AviontéCLASSIC  Additional Notes
myDashboard Start Page  
Widgets Counters Widgets function slightly different
Widgets Counters Widgets function slightly different
Profile tabs Sub-menu  
Universal / Basic Search Basic search Not main menu specific in BOLD
Advanced search Advanced search Main menu > search
Jobs main-menu Order & DH Order main-menus  
Talent main-menu Employee main-menu  
Companies main-menu Customer & Contact main-menus  
Documents main-menu Documents sub-menus  
Analyze main-menu Reports main-menu  



Company - Profile Tabs

AviontéBOLD AviontéCLASSIC  Additional Notes
Activities Message sub-menu  
Contacts Contact Roles & Address submenus, Department Tree  
Documents Documents sub-menu  
Organization Contact Roles sub-menu With the addition of contact
Jobs Actions Menu > View Temp/DH
Overview N/A  
Tags Skills, Sales Info & Extra sub-menus  
POs Order Options > PO tab  
Sales N/A  
Opportunities Revenue Opportunity sub-menu  
Time Sheets Work History sub-menu  
Requirements Customer > Requirements  



Company - Widgets

AviontéBOLD AviontéCLASSIC  Additional Notes
Name Summary, Detail & Dates submenus Date created and updated listed
Company Dashboard Order jump buttons  
Company Information Detail & Contact Method submenus Geocodes found here, only main
Operational Information Detail, Order Options & Billing
Setup sub-menus
Branch, status, WC codes &
markups found here



Contact - Profile Tabs

AviontéBOLD AviontéCLASSIC  Additional Notes
Activities Message sub-menu  
Tasks Message sub-menu Message sub-menu  
Jobs Contact Role sub-menu  
Tags Skills & Extra sub-menus  



Contact - Widgets

AviontéBOLD AviontéCLASSIC  Additional Notes
Name Detail sub-menu  
Social Profiles N/A  
Contact Information Contact Method sub-menu  
Organization Information Summary sub-menu  
Referral Information N/A  
Quick Actions Actions Menu  
Contact Status Detail sub-menu Read only
Custom Widget N/A  




AviontéBOLD AviontéCLASSIC  Additional Notes
General Information Detail, Summary & Candidates submenus  
Client Profile Address, Contact Methods, Detail
& Contact Roles sub-menus
Hired Details  Assignment sub-menu  
Operations and Financials Order > Detail sub-menu,
Customer > BO Setup & Order
Options sub-menu
W2/1099 indication
Custom Job Details N/A  
Position Categories & Skill Set  Skills sub-menu  
Job Approvals  N/A  
Job Notes N/A  
Job Descriptions Detail sub-menu Not free text
Job Posting Status & Options Actions Menu > Post Order to
Web OR Aero Posting Tab
Job Ending Reminders N/A  
Job Costs N/A  
Adobe Sign Documents N/A  
Job Documents  Documents sub-menu  
Job Sub Vendors N/A Similar to sub-agency in EE record



Talent - Profile Tabs

AviontéBOLD AviontéCLASSIC  Additional Notes
Activites  Message sub-menu  
Tasks  Message sub-menu  
Education  Education sub-menu  
Work History Work History & Past Jobs submenus  
Resume  Documents sub-menu  
Documents  Documents sub-menu  
Onboarding  AERO Tasks  
Comments  Professional Summary sub-menu  
References  References sub-menu  
Tax  Payroll > Tax sub-menu  Should be managed in BO
Tags  Skills and Certifications sub-menus  Might be more
Offers  Candidate sub-menu  
Results  Interview sub-menu  
EEO  Detail sub-menu > EEO Only Tax > DOB & Gender flow to
Screenings  Background Check sub-menu  
Feedback N/A  
Video Interviews N/A  
Timesheets  Work History sub-menu  



Talent - Widgets

AviontéBOLD AviontéCLASSIC  Additional Notes
Name Widget Detail sub-menu    
Social Profiles N/A  
Contact Information Contact Methods sub-menu  
Operational Information Detail, Interview sub-menu Office, wage requirements,
geocodes listed here
Referral Information Interview/Extra sub-menu  
Talent Contracts N/A Read-only, pulls from contracts
under Document Profile Tab
Current Stage N/A  
Quick Actions Actions Menu & Shortcuts  
Placement Status Candidate sub-menu > C-Status  
Custom Widget N/A  



Candidate management - Buckets

AviontéBOLD AviontéCLASSIC  Additional Notes
Nominated N/A External (Customer) Review
Pipelined Candidates sub-menu  Internal (User) Review
Vendor Applicants N/A  
Web Applicants Candidates sub-menu  
TI Ideal Talent N/A  
Auto Matcher Actions Menu > Auto Match Looks at Position Category and Zip
Resume Matcher N/A  
Talent Search Candidates sub-menu > Talent



Candidate Management - Verbiage

AviontéBOLD AviontéCLASSIC  Additional Notes
Stage C-Status  
Flag N/A  
Green 'Click to Start' checkmark Assign Button  



Talent / Contact colored links





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