Viewing and Sharing Email Templates

For users with Utilities access, nothing substantially changes from before this enhancement. For them, the system will continue to work in the way it did before.  If a user does not have Utilities access, they will still be able to create, edit, and delete their own email templates by clicking the Email Template Editor Widget on the Utilities page.  They will also be able to see templates shared with them in the Shared Templates section but will not be able to edit or delete them.
Users should be able to see their own email templates from this page, even if they do not have a user access of "Utilities". This will allow them to share their templates and see all of the templates that have been shared with them by other users.

View or Share Email Templates

  1. Click on Account & Settings
  2. Click on Utilities
  3. Click on the Email Template Editor Tile

    Account Settings - Utilities - Email Templates.gif

  4. Here users should see their templates as well as any that have been shared with them.
    1. My Templates: This will show all of your Templates
    2. Shared Templates: This shows all of the Templates that have been shared with you.


  5. There are 3 options:
    1. Edit: This allows you to edit to the Email Template
      1. If Edit Share is listed instead of Edit, then it's currently being shared.
    2. Delete: This will remove the Email Template
    3. Share: Select the Groups and/or Users to share the Email Template with
  6. Select the Group and/or add other HCM users to share with.


  7. Click on the Save button



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