Create and Send Talent Questionnaires (v. 1)

This article provides a comprehensive guide to using Talent Questionnaires in Avionté Version 1. It covers the creation of questionnaires, sending them to candidates, grading responses, and utilizing linked fields to populate information automatically. Additionally, it outlines the prerequisites and permissions required for using this feature effectively.

Key Takeaways

  • Creating Talent Questionnaires: Users with Utilities access can set up Talent Questionnaires through the Questionnaire Editor in the Account & Settings section. The questionnaire creation process involves giving it a name, providing an introduction, adding relevant files, and formulating questions based on various formats.

  • Sending Questionnaires: Once questionnaires are created, they can be sent to Talent either from the Talent Profile or through an Onboarding Task. The process involves selecting the questionnaire, notifying relevant parties, and sending it to the Talent via email.

  • Grading: Multiple-choice questions can be marked as correct, allowing for automatic grading upon submission. This feature can be useful for evaluating candidates and focusing recruiting efforts on those who stand out based on their questionnaire responses. The system displays questionnaire titles in the Results section, and ungraded completed tests are indicated as "NA."


Creating Talent Questionnaires
Sending questionnaires
Linked Fields


Prerequisite: Users need Utilities access in order to use Questionnaires. This is done by checking the box on the user profile. This must be set up by an Administrator.


Creating Talent Questionnaires

You can create questionnaires in the Questionnaire Editor.

  1. Click on Account & Settings
  2. Click on Utilities.
    1. Search for Talent Questionnaire
  3. Click on the Talent Questionnaire tile

    Account Settings - Utilities - Talent Questionnaire.gif

This is what the main screen looks like:



4. To start creating a new questionnaire, click the button Create a New Talent Questionnaire. The Create a New Test screen appears.



5. Give the new questionnaire a name. Click Create.

A new screen appears with the title Customize your Talent Questionnaires.



6. Enter a Questionnaire Name.


7. Enter a Questionnaire Introduction. A rich text editor is provided which enables fonts, sizing, formatting (bold, underline, italics), colors, alignment, lists, indents, quotations, links, image insertions, and tables.

Templates are available, along with Applicant Merge Fields (for details on this, see the related article section below). The introduction will be shown to talent at the beginning of the questionnaire.


8. Files: You can upload a document file to the questionnaire as an attachment. If you have a document with instructions that you want a talent to review prior to them answering questions, here is where you can provide it. For example, the questionnaire could be a review of safety procedures; the document would be a copy of your company's safety documentation.
File types .doc, .docx, and .pdf are supported.


9. Questions: Click Add Question to get started. The Edit Question Details screen appears.



  • There are five different types of questions that you can ask (Multiple – One Answer, Multiple – Multi Answer, Single Line, Essay, Date, and Numeric). Each of these requires the applicant to answer a bit differently, depending on what information you are looking to gather from them.
    • The Single Line question type enables a questionnaire to match Adobe merge (Linked) Fields, such as an email. Please see the Linked Fields section below for more information.
    • The Essay question type grants the ability to include a free-form, long-form answer to a question. You can set minimum character requirements when creating an essay question and make them Required. This prevents talent from bypassing essay questions. Options include 100, 500, 1000 characters, or None (no character restriction). 
    • The Date question type also has Linked Fields available, such as the available date and birth date. Please see the Linked Fields section below for more information.
    • The Numeric question type can be used for salary minimum or maximum, hourly minimum or maximum, or any kind of question requiring numeric input.
  • For each question, you can decide if it is Required or Not. If required, the applicant will not be able to submit the questionnaire without filling out the answer.
  • You can decide in what Order the Question will appear, in a list of multiple questions.
  • You can give the question a Point Value. A Point Value is not allowed unless a corresponding answer is marked as Correct (see also below). This applies to Multiple - One Answer and Multiple - Multi-Answer question types. This will prevent required questions from being graded without point values.
  • You can Add New Answers which make the most sense for the question.
  • If the question is meant to be a knowledge check, you can indicate with checkboxes what the Correct answer is. Marking an answer as Correct is not possible unless the corresponding question has a Point Value. 
  • Questions can be dragged and dropped in order to re-order them. Hover over the Order Number of a question and click and hold to drag it. Then drop it in the desired position. The question order will be renumbered based on what you have chosen.



For Example

You could create a question as "Please indicate your availability to work."

The Question Type would be "Multiple - Multi-Answer." Required would be yes. Question Order would be 1. Point Value would be 1, and the Answers would be the following: Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings, Monday-Friday, and Saturday-Sunday.

Repeat the process until all of the questions you want are entered into your questionnaire, then click Done Editing. The system will return to the Customize your Talent Questionnaires screen. Questionnaires are listed in alphabetical order.



Sending questionnaires

When questionnaires have been created, you can send them to talent. Sending questionnaires can be done from two different locations: the Talent Profile or an Onboarding Task.


To send a questionnaire from the talent profile:

  1. Go to the Results section of the Talent screen.

  2. Select Talent.

  3. Search for and select a talent for which you wish to send a questionnaire.

  4. Select the Results tab.

  5. Click the button Send a Talent Questionnaire.



5. This will open a flyout providing a listing of available questionnaires, where you can choose which ones to send to the talent. You can also choose to notify yourself or others, and add recipients to the notification emails.



6. Click the "email" button "Send Questionnaire" next to the intended questionnaire to send one to the talent. An email will be sent to the talent with a link to the questionnaire. The questionnaire will be identified by a unique title, so you can send multiple questionnaires at the same time.

When the talent clicks the link in the email, it will open the questionnaire in a browser window.


The Score value also indicates the status of a questionnaire; if the questionnaire is incomplete, the Score will be "Pending."

"NA" (not applicable) indicates a questionnaire was completed, but there was no score. If all questions are not required and no score is recorded, the score is reported as "NA".



To send questionnaires to talent from an Onboarding Task:

  1. Go to the talent's Onboarding tab.

  2. Click the Send Onboarding Tasks button. A flyout appears for Sending Onboarding Tasks.

  3. Open the Profile Tasks panel, check the box for Talent Questionnaires, select the questionnaire(s) desired from the dropdown list, and click the "plus" button [+]. The questionnaire is added to the list to be sent.

  4. Click the Send button. A questionnaire will be sent to the talent's email. The onboarding task will be displayed in the list. The title of the questionnaire will be unique, so you can send multiple questionnaires in the same onboarding task if you wish.


To send questionnaires to talent from Onboarding Task Packets:

  1. Go to Utilities > Onboarding Task Packets and select it.

  2. A list of packets is shown.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and click the "plus" button [+] to add a new packet. The new packet screen appears.

  4. Check the box for Talent Questionnaire under Profile Tasks, select a questionnaire from the dropdown list, and click the plus [+] button to add it. The questionnaire will be added to the list on the right-hand side.

  5. Click Save. The selected questionnaires will be emailed.


The format and content of the email that is sent are determined by System Email Settings. System Email Settings Setup. Ensure the merge field for "ASSIGNED_TASK_LIST" is present in the email. The talent will receive an email that includes all tasks that are assigned. Any questionnaire(s) assigned will be listed by their name.




You can have Applicant questionnaires graded. For multiple-choice questions, marking an answer as Correct allows you to have the questionnaire graded automatically upon submission. If you are choosing between multiple candidates, you can send out a questionnaire to all of them, allowing you to focus your recruiting efforts on the candidates who stand out based on their questionnaires. 

The system will show the questionnaire title in the Results Aside & the Extracted PDF.

Completed tests that are not graded are shown in the "Results" as "NA".

A "0%" score is possible, but only if all questions are marked as required and all of them were not answered, or answered incorrectly.



Linked Fields

AviontéBOLD allows for certain questions to be asked (in Single Line, Date, and Numeric question types) which will take data from a Talent's profile and populate to it. This enables you to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information from that applicant without needing to manually update the fields after receiving a questionnaire back.

If a value already exists in a talent's profile, it will be prepopulated in the questionnaire, so the talent need only verify it is correct.

For example: In the Single Line question type, if a question existed "What is your most recent cell phone number?" you could set it up to use the Linked Field Mobile Phone. This way, it would populate that field with the talent's mobile phone number, when one is entered on the questionnaire.

If a mobile phone already exists in a talent profile, it will be prepopulated in a questionnaire when this option is set up.


Linked Fields Available

Single Line Description

First Name


Last Name


Address 1


Address 2






Zip/Postal Code


Email Address


Work Phone


Home Phone


Mobile Phone


Email Address 2


Salary Details


C2C Corp Name


C2C Corp Address 1


C2C Corp Address 2


C2C Corp City


C2C Corp State


C2C Corp Zip


C2C Corp Phone


LinkedIn Profile Url



Will default when talent does not have a Country value populated on their profile.

Custom URL 1


Custom URL 2






Custom URL Name 1


Custom URL Name 2


Social Security Number 


Referred By

Who referred the talent to this job - found in Referral Information

Emergency Contact 1

There is a field on the Talent Profile > Tax Tab for Emergency Contact Email.

Emergency Contact 2


Emergency Contact Phone 1


Emergency Contact Phone 2


Emergency Email 1

This field was added in the August 2022 enhancement set.

Emergency Email 2

This field was added in the August 2022 enhancement set.


Date Description

Available Date

Date an applicant can start on a job - found on the Operational Information widget.

Birth Date



Numeric Description

Salary Minimum


Salary Maximum



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