Onboarding Tasks Widget

 You can view all Onboarding tasks through the Onboarding Tasks widget.

Key Takeaways

  • Navigate through the Onboarding Tasks widget to conveniently access and manage all onboarding tasks, providing a centralized view of the entire process.
  • Utilize filter options such as Packets and Workflows, including the ability to see tasks removed from a packet, ensuring comprehensive visibility into talent's onboarding progression.
  • The Onboarding Tasks widget presents categorized results, including Sent Tasks, Action Required items, Completed Tasks, and Overdue Tasks, streamlining the monitoring and tracking of onboarding activities.


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Filter options






Option if Packets selectedInclude Tasks Removed From Packet. (This checkbox/toggle on the widget filter will allow you to see any packet a talent has completed previously, that has since changed. This will ensure that multi-document packets show as expected if a packet was changed to include different documents than it had when it was created.)







Widget results



Sent Tasks


Action Required


Completed Tasks


Overdue Tasks



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