Create New Talent Questionnaires (v. 2)

Explore the process of crafting and sending talent questionnaires, covering aspects like setup, diverse question types, and the integration of multimedia elements to enhance the information collection process.

Key Takeaways

  • Talent questionnaires offer a versatile tool for gathering information, allowing users to create custom forms with various question types and multimedia elements.
  • The creation process involves naming the questionnaire, providing a description, adding questions with different parameters, and incorporating multimedia elements as needed.
  • Users can utilize merge fields, upload files, and set question types like multiple-choice, single line, date, and numeric, making the questionnaire creation flexible and comprehensive.


Creating a new questionnaire
Examples of Question types
    Using the Point Values
    Using Correct Answer option


Creating a new questionnaire

  1. Click the Account & Settings
  2. Click on Utilities
  3. Click on the Talent Questionnaire tile.
    1. Options may be filtered by typing QUESTION in the search box.

      Account Settings - Utilities - Talent Questionnaire.gif

  4. Click Create a New Talent Questionnaire

  5. Name the new questionnaire and click Create.

  6. Provide a Questionnaire Description to help the person using it understand details such as the intended purpose, expected completion time, next steps, etc.
    Information on Merge Fields
    Examples of using Merge Fields

  7. Other elements may be added to the description. Hover your pointer over the left side of the Questionnaire Description area to reveal the Quick Insert button. Click this button to reveal Quick Insert options such as photo, video, table or list. Click the kind of element you would like to add, or click the X to close the Quick Insert menu

  8. Files such as PDFs and DOCs may be added to the questionnaire with the Upload Files button.

  9. Click Add Question button

  10. Questions have multiple parameters that may be set. Start by typing the Question.

  11. Select Question Type. "Multiple" types are multiple-choice and can be set to have one answer or multiple answers. Single Line, Date and Numeric may be associated with appropriate fields such as "First Name", "Hire Date" or "Salary Minimum", respectively. 

  12. Click Required or Not Required to assign necessity.

  13. If using a Multiple type question, assign a Point Value and click Add New Answer. Add as many answers as are needed, including incorrect answers, and check the Correct box for the right answer. Use the Delete button to remove an answer.

  14. Click Save Edits when done with this question.

  15. More questions may be added using the Add Question button and then click Done Editing when finished with the questionnaire.



Examples of Question types

Question Type Example
Multiple - One Answer
Multiple - Multi Answer
Single Line



Using the Point Values


Using Correct Answer option



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