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If creating Back Office Users, the User must first be created in AUM before being configured in Admin Tools.  Back Office areas can be configured per user via Admin Tools > Form.


  1. Click on Account & Settings
  2. Click on User Accounts
  3. Click on the Create New HCM User button

    Account Settings - User Account - New.gif

  4. Fill out the information regarding the new user:
    1. First Name: Enter their First Name
    2. Last Name: Enter their Last Name
    3. Email Address: Enter their email address
    4. User Type: Select an existing User Type or edit permissions individually.
      1. User Types
    5. Home Office: Select the office in which this user works. This will be the default office for this user.
    6. Office Access: Check off all Offices to which this user should have access. If an office is not selected here, the user will not be able to see records from any offices which are not selected.
    7. User Groups: (Optional) Add the User to an existing User Group (to have access/permissions)
      1. Editing a User Group
    8. Welcome Email: Set this to Send if you want to send an email to this new user once you click Create.
      1. If you would rather send the user their credentials at a different time, set this to Don't Send
    9. Send to: Select to send the Welcome Email to the new User or yourself.
      This option only becomes available when sending the Welcome Email.  
  5. Click on the Create button 
    1. Keep in mind that if the new user does not see the email in their inbox, have them check their spam folder. The welcome email is sent from 
    2. Once the user is created, their name will appear in the User Accounts list.
  6. We recommend the new User login and set up some of their options.

Account Settings - User Account - Created.gif



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