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This article guides users on editing and managing user accounts in the system, covering steps to update contact information, including images within specified limits, and setting various options such as Click to Dial, Talent Apply Emails, Job Emails, and Timesheet Reminders. Additionally, it provides insights into deactivating and reactivating users with relevant warnings and notifications.

  1. Click on Account & Settings
  2. Click on User Accounts
  3. Search for the User using the Search field
  4. Click on the Edit Profile button
  5. If adding a picture, please see the limits below
    Max Dimensions: 600x600
    Aspect Ratio: 4:3
    Max Size (KB): 300 KB
    Accepted file types: .png / .jpg

    Account Settings - User Account - Edit.gif

  6. Enter or edit the Contact information 
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Status:
    4. Home Office
    5. Office Access
    6. Employee Id
    7. Address 1
    8. Address 2
    9. City
    10. Country
    11. Region/State
    12. Zip/Postal
    13. User time zone
    14. Email 1
    15. Email 2
    16. Mobile Phone
    17. Work Phone
    18. Home Phone
    19. Fax
  7. There are additional options, usually set by the User 
    1. Click to Dial Options
      1. Protocol / Service: 
      2. When Clicked: 
    2. Talent Apply Emails: None, Only for my jobs, For all jobs
    3. Job Emails: None, Only for my jobs, For all jobs
    4. Timesheet Reminders: None, Once, or Daily
  8. Click on the Save button 



Deactivate User

If someone is removed from the system, you can add them back in. This allows you to avoid a call to support to reactivate the user. 


Warning Message When Setting A User As Inactive



Reactivate User

In order to be able to re-activate a user, you need to have Utilities access. Once you have moved the user from Inactive to Active, a message should appear with the proper billing notifications. 


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