Linking FO and BO users

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If a client user in BOLD is a user for both the front office and back office, then those user accounts need to be linked to ensure correct client billing each month. This will prevent the client from being billed for duplicate user accounts.

If the user is only a front office user, and does not log into back office, then this does not apply.  Likewise, if the user only logs into back office, but not front office, then this does not apply. The process described below is required only if the user exists in both front office and back office.

Note: If creating Back Office Users, the User must first be created in AUM before being configured in Admin Tools.  Back Office areas can be configured per user via Admin Tools > Form.
  1. To link accounts, log into Avionte Bold Back Office.
  2. Navigate to Admin Tools
  3. Click on Employer
  4. Go to User
  5. Click on the Add/Edit button

  6. Search for user by User Name, then select user by clicking on user name.

  7. Under Contact Method for the user enter in:
    1. Type = Bold Username
    2. Value = Bold front office username (email address used to log in)

  8.  Click the Save button

 This action should be completed on each user that is added to Avionte that logs into both front office and back office.   Additionally, if the front office log in changes (ie the email address changes) then the value needs to be updated in back office.



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