Viewing Announcements and FAQs

After a message has been posted, the selected profiles will see a notification on their Account & Settings menu upon their next login. This lets them know a new announcement has been posted.


Viewing Announcements

A number is displayed on the user's avatar picture with the count of announcements available. The notification will continue to show each time they log in until they have viewed the announcement(s).

  1. Click Account & Settings
  2. Click Announcements.
    1. A flyout with a list of announcements is shown.

Reading Announcements and mark as Read

  1. To read an announcement, click Read More.
    1. The announcement is displayed in a popup.

  2. When viewed, the announcement status is changed to Read.
    1. If you want the announcement to continue to be included in the count for the unread indicator in the Account & Settings menu, click the toggle so it changes to New.
    2. Both read and unread messages will remain visible in the Announcements flyout until they have expired.
  3. Click Close to close the popup.



  1. Is there a limit on the amount of time between activation and expiration of an announcement?
    No, there is no limit set in the application.

  2. How far out can you schedule something?
    There are no limits on scheduling an announcement in the future.

  3. What if you schedule something for the future but then the Recruiter/User doesn't work there anymore?
    Nothing in Announcements is tied to an individual user; there is no way to filter individual users in or out. Announcements are delivered to user categories.

  4. What about previously scheduled Announcements if the Recruiter/User doesn't work there anymore? 
    Again, the system will not recognize this. Announcements will be displayed for all users in the selected categories.

  5. Can you exclude people/users from the Announcement?
    No. These are broadcast announcements; they go to all users of a given type.

  6. Can you add/use links?
    Yes, links are supported if you copy and paste from a separate browser bar. Images are also supported.

  7. Does it go to all Talent/HCM/Managers if that option is selected? Does it exclude people that have a specific status (DNA, not placed, Direct Hire, etc.)?
    Yes, announcements go to all Talent/HCM/Managers if that option is selected; no one is excluded based on status.
  8. If you edit an announcement, does it show up as new?
    No, it remains an existing announcement.

  9. Can you edit scheduled (future) Announcements?

  10. Can you change the audience after an Announcement was published?

  11. Is there a log of the Announcements that have been posted?
    No. Please refer to the historical view for announcements, via Utilities > User Announcements.

  12. Is there a report to see who has viewed (or hasn't viewed) Announcements?
    Not at this time.

  13. Do the announcements look different based on their audience?
    No, the announcements cannot be customized to appear different depending on their audience. If you wish to have different messages appear to different user types, you will need to create separate announcements for each user type.

  14. Does 'Managers' mean all contacts for a Company?


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