Gmail/Bold Email Integration Using Modern Authentication

Avionté now offers a new integration method for customers utilizing Gmail to connect with Bold, utilizing modern and secure authentication techniques that eliminate the necessity for special passwords or intricate setups. Similar to Office365's move away from outdated, less secure integration methods with third-party platforms, Google is also slated to restrict access to older integration methods like SMTP or IMAP in the near future.

Recognizing the paramount importance of a dependable and secure email integration for our customers, we understand its substantial impact on administrative efficiency, cybersecurity costs, and the reassurance of safeguarding Gmail accounts and data.



Key Takeaways:

  1. Streamlined Setup Process:
    • The setup process for integrating Gmail with Bold in Avionte Marketplace is detailed and straightforward. Users need to ensure they are logged into their Gmail and Bold accounts and follow a step-by-step procedure outlined in the article.
    • Key steps include signing in with Google, granting necessary permissions, configuring email sending and syncing preferences, and saving sync details. Additionally, logging out of Bold and logging back in is emphasized to activate the integration fully.
  2. Proper Disconnect Procedure:
    • When disconnecting the integration between Gmail and Bold, users must follow a specific sequence to avoid issues. First, they need to remove the integration from Gmail settings before clicking the "Disconnect from Gmail" button within Bold's Avionte Marketplace.
    • Failure to follow this sequence may result in incomplete disconnection and potential issues with future integrations.
  3. Troubleshooting Tips:
    • The article provides helpful troubleshooting tips and information for users encountering issues during or after setup. This includes ensuring proper logging out and back into Bold after configuring settings, understanding synchronization intervals, and addressing potential issues with Gmail authentication.
    • Clear instructions are given for users to manually clear out old or invalidated integrations in Gmail if they encounter difficulties during setup.



  • Prerequisites:
    • Your Gmail account is already set up and you are logged in via your browser.
    • Your Bold account is already set up and you are logged in via your browser for your HCM user (not a Talent, Sub-Vendor, or Hiring Manager).
  1. Navigate to the main menu and click the option for Avionte Marketplace.


  2. Search/browse for “Gmail” in the Avionte Marketplace.


  3. Click the “Settings” button on the Gmail Avionte Marketplace tile to open the configuration dialog box.


  4. Click the “Sign In with Google” button to trigger the connection into Gmail.
    • Note: If you have an existing/previous email integration setup using the “Custom SMTP” and/or “Auto Email Sync”, you’ll see the following warning prompt informing the user both old email integration configuration methods will need to be disabled to continue. Click “Yes” on this warning to proceed with the new Gmail integration setup.

  5. Your browser will now re-direct into Gmail to setup the modern authentication access to Gmail for Bold. Click “Continue” on this screen to proceed.
    • NOTE: If you were not logged into Gmail at this point, you will need to log into Gmail before you will see the screen below.
  6. In the next screen, Google is confirming access for Bold to send, receive, and manage labels (folders). On this screen, please choose the “Select All” option so all required access aspects are enabled. Then click “Continue” after all the checkboxes are checked.


  7. At this point, Gmail will redirect you back to the Avionte Marketplace. Please search/browse for “Gmail” again to find the Gmail Avionte Marketplace tile. Then click the “Settings” button to open the configuration again.


  8. Next, you’ll need to configure the sending and syncing of Gmail with Bold. To enable sending email through Gmail instead of Bold, click the “Send with Gmail” button.


  9. If you’d like to synchronize your Gmail emails with Bold, click the “Sync with Gmail” button.


  10. If you’re synchronizing your Gmail emails with Bold, you’ll need to define which of the folders (labels) you want Bold to monitor for syncing. Use the multi-select drop-down to select all the labels you’d like to sync. We recommend syncing at least the Inbox and Sent folder (labels). If you have nested folders (labels), they will appear as “Parent Label / Nested Label” format. In the screenshot below “ITP” and “Light Industrial” are nested folder (labels) under the “Recruiting” folder (label).


  11. OPTIONAL: If you’d like to prevent specific emails addresses or domains from syncing (such as internal or sensitive email addresses), you can add a filter with the “Add Filter” button and select if you’d like to filter sent and/or received emails that are going to or coming from that email address or domain.


  12. IMPORTANT: Be sure to click the “Save Sync Details” button to save your folder sync and filtering changes. You will see a “Save Successful” message appear for a few seconds once the settings are successfully saved. Click the “Done” button to close the window.


  13. IMPORTANT: At this point, the integration is fully configured, but you must log out of Bold and back in for the integration configuration to take affect and start working.




  • Prerequisites:
    • You are logged into Gmail via your browser.
    • You are logged into Bold via your browser for your HCM user (not a Talent, Sub-Vendor, or Hiring Manager).
  1. Navigate to the main menu and click the option for Avionte Marketplace.


  2. Search/browse for “Gmail” in the Avionte Marketplace.


  3. Click the “Settings” button on the Gmail Avionte Marketplace tile to open the configuration dialog box. As noted in the message with the yellow background, it’s best to first remove the integration from Gmail first. Click the “HERE” link to take you to the Gmail configuration.


  4. NOTE: If you do not disconnect the email integration first, and try to click the “Disconnect from Gmail” button instead, the informational message will be displayed again, informing you to first disconnect from within Gmail first by clicking the “HERE” link:


  5. Once you’ve clicked on the “HERE” link, you’ll be redirected to your 3rd party apps & services settings within Gmail. Click the “BOLD Email Integration” section.


  6. Click the “Delete all connections you have with BOLD Email Integration” section near the bottom of the page.


  7. In the confirmation window that pops up, click “Confirm” to delete the integration configuration for Bold from your Gmail account.


  8. At this point you can return to the Gmail configuration in Avionte Marketplace from within Bold and click the blue “Disconnect from Gmail” button to confirm and complete the disconnect of the integration between Bold and your Gmail account.


  9. The configuration window will automatically close, and both Gmail and Bold configurations have been completely reset and disabled.



  • The Gmail modern authentication integration with Bold has been successfully tested with both personal and enterprise Gmail accounts.

  • You can only have one Gmail account integrated with Bold per user. You cannot integrate two Bold users with the same email address from different Bold instances to a single Gmail account. If you attempt to connect multiple Bold users with the same Gmail email address from different Bold instances, the integration will not allow you to connect. While attempting to setup the connection to Gmail from within the Bold Avionte Marketplace after it’s been configured for another Bold user in another build, the user will simply be redirected back to the Bold Avionte Marketplace instead of Gmail to confirm the integration as Bold will see that Gmail account is already connected to a different Bold user with the same email address in another Bold instance.

  • Gmail synchronization runs in 45-minute cycles approximately, so it could take that long for an email within Gmail to appear in Bold for a Talent or Contact whose email address is matched.

  • The “Send Email with Gmail” button under Quick Actions on a Talent or Contact profile in Bold simply will open Gmail in your browser. If you are not configured to send email via the integration and only syncing your email, this is a short cut so you can quickly open Gmail to send the email to that Contact or Talent user easily.

  • If you are configuring which folder (labels) you want to sync between Bold and Gmail and are not seeing the new or modified folder (labels) you have in Gmail, simply close the Gmail configuration window in Bold’s Avionte Marketplace and re-open it. Bold will refresh all the available folder (labels) each time the configuration is opened.

  • If you are trying to send or sync emails, and not seeing the emails coming from your Gmail account, or being synchronized into Bold, please make sure you’ve logged out and back into Bold after saving your configuration and sync details in the Gmail Avionte Marketplace tile. The email integration will not function until you’ve logged out and back into Bold after saving the configuration and closing the window in the marketplace.

  • All limits on the number of emails being sent are controlled by Gmail, Bold simply sends and synchronizes email using Gmail and has no control over limits.

  • If you cannot successfully click the “Sign In with Google” button from within Bold, you may have an old or invalidated integration for BOLD Email Integration that exists in Gmail. Clearing this out manually will allow you to successfully set up the Gmail integration from within Bold again. See the steps below:
  1. From within your Gmail account, click your user profile icon in the upper right corner, then click “Manage your Google Account”.


  2. Click on “Security” from the left-hand menu, and then click the “BOLD Email Integration” section under “Your Connections to third-party apps & services” area part way down the page.


  3. Click the “BOLD Email Integration” section on the next page.


  4. Click the “Delete all connections you have with BOLD Email Integration” section near the bottom of the page.


  5. Click the “Confirm” button on the window that pops up confirming you’d like to remove the integration configuration for Gmail and Bold.


  6. After deleting the connection, you should be able to navigate back to Bold’s Avionte Marketplace and successfully setup the integration between Gmail and Bold successfully.

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