Using IMAP Autosync with Gmail's 2-Step Verification

Google offers a 2-Step Verification process to enhance security for their Gmail users.  When they enable this, their login process changes to the following:

  1. They provide their email address to login at the Gmail login page
  2. After they provide a valid user/pass combo, the user is taken to a second login screen where they have to enter a code
  3. A text message (or phone call) is sent to the user with a 6-digit code that is valid for only one login
  4. They enter that code and are then brought to their email account

The problem is that most email programs don't support that second password screen, so programs like Outlook, Mac Mail and yes, Avionté, need a special way to validate when the user enables 2-Step.


Set Up Gmail 2-Step with IMAP Autosync

Generate an App Password

Generating a Gmail App Password

  1. Click on the Avatar in the top left corner of Gmail, then on My Account
  2. Scroll down to App Passwords (under the Password & sign-in method, on the right side of the page)
  3. (Enter Gmail password, if prompted)
  4. In the Select App drop down, select Other (custom name) - Name the App "Avionté Autosync"
  5. Click the Generate button - note the 16-character password
  6. Click Done


Enter the Gmail App Password into Autosync

Enter Password into Autosync

  1. Set up IMAP Autosync just like you normally would for a Gmail account
    1. Server:
    2. Port: 993
    3. Email User Name: <full gmail address>
  2. Use the 16-character Gmail App Password for the Password field (just the 16 characters, not the spaces)


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