Avionté provides you with the ability to send email notifications to other users from almost anywhere in the system. To send the notifications, just type “@” and then start typing the name of the user who you would like to send the notification to. When you are typing the name, make sure to use the following format: FirstName LastName. Once you submit the activity, the system will automatically send an email to that user which will include links (more details below) and the information which was included in the write up.


Not only can you @Mention a specific user, you will also have the ability to notify User Groups. This list is customized from the Utilities Page and will allow you to quickly get important information sent out to all Recruiters, Sales Representative, Admins, etc. If you need an email sent out to everyone in the company, you will also be able to @Mention all users.

You would also be able to @Mention multiple people if they are not in the same User Group or if there are other people include in the group who do not need to be notified. The possibilities are endless!






Talent & Contact Profiles

  • While logging activities, creating tasks or sending emails, you will now be able to have the information included in this sent to another Avionté user
  • @Mention the person who you would like to get the email and they will receive a link to the profile and the notes that were in the activity
  • Mass Actions: If you are doing any of these activities in mass, @Mentions can still be used. This will send one only email to the recipient but will include links to ALL the applicant/talent and contact profiles so that they can easily navigate to those pages



Job Details

  • Using the Job Notes, you can now quickly notify other users of changes that have been made to the job. Instead of needing them to go into the job to see these changes, an email will be sent to them if they are included in the @Mention
  • This will send the recipients of the @Mention a link to the Job Details as well



Pipeline & Nominating

  • When pipelining/nominating/submitting an applicant to a role, you can include @Mentions
  • This will send an email with a link to the Applicant/Talent Profile, Job Page and let them know that this user has been attached to the role
  • You will notice that with this update, you are now able to attach templates while nominating or changing the nomination stage

With this tool, Avionté is streamlining your internal communication and taking away the need to create an additional email or walk across the office to provide updates to other users in the system!



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