merge field is an entity you can put in an email template to incorporate values from a record. In Avionté, merge fields allow you to pull information from the talent, company, contact, or job into an email to customize it to each recipient. There are four primary merge field categories:

  • Talent Merge Field
  • Contact Merge Field
  • Job Merge Field
  • Start Sheet Merge Field



How to Use Merge Fields
Set Defaults



How to Use Merge Fields

In the email body, click Merge Fields to select the Merge Fields you would like to include in your email. Including these fields (Manager Name, Job Location, Applicant/Talent Name) will result in personalized emails to each Manager with their name respective information included.






You can find all of the merge fields from the four primary categories below:

Talent Merge Fields

  • Applicant First Name
  • Applicant Last Name
  • Latest Position Title
  • Latest Company
  • Latest School
  • Latest Degree
  • Latest Field
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip


Contact Merge Fields

  • Contact First Name
  • Contact First Name w/ Link
  • Contact Last Name
  • Contact Last Name w/ Link
  • Contact Email
  • Contact Company
  • Contact Company w/ Link
  • Contact Address
  • Contact City
  • Contact Country
  • Contact State/Province
  • Contact Zip/Postal Code
  • Contact Title


Job Merge Fields

  • Position Title
  • Position City
  • Position State
  • Manager First Name
  • Manager Last Name
  • Manager Company
  • Manager First Name w/ Link
  • Manager Last Name w/ Link
  • Manager Email
  • Manager Address
  • Manager City
  • Manager State
  • Manager Province
  • Manager Zip/Postal
  • Manager Country


Start Sheet Merge Fields

  • Talent First Name
  • Talent Last Name
  • Office Name
  • Office Phone
  • Office Address
  • Order ID
  • Wc Code
  • Rep Name
  • Employee Name
  • Job Title
  • Company
  • Department
  • Supervisor
  • Start Date
  • Pay Rate
  • Worksite Street 1
  • Worksite Street 2
  • Work City
  • Work State
  • Work Zip



Set Defaults

Users have the ability to set defaults when emailing through Avionté. 

  • In the text editor, set the font style and size that you would so that going forward, your emails will default to this style and size. 
  • Once you have selected the size and font, click Save Defaults




  • View your current defaults by clicking on View Defaults
  • These can be changed at any time by selecting new fonts and sizes and clicking Save Defaults.


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