Recover Record Archive

Anytime an Applicant/Talent, Contact, Company Profile or a Job is deleted, it is stored in Avionté's Record Archive to be recovered at any time. 


Recovering a Deleted Record or Requisition

  1. Click on Account & Settings
  2. Click on Utilities
  3. Click on Record Archive
    1. Or search for the Record Archive Tile

      Account Settings - Utilities - Record Archive.gif
  4. Select the Record Type to recover
    1. Applicant
    2. Company
    3. Contact
    4. Job
  5. Enter a date range to search for and/or any First Name and Last Name 
  6. Click on the Search button
  7. Once results appear, you can continue drilling down the records by searching for additional text within the records.

    Record Archive - Search.gif

  8. Once you have found the record to recover, click on the Restore button.
    1. The profile will then appear on the front end.
    2. When viewing paycard records, ID's will be displayed to the right of the item, in parentheses.

      Record Archive - Restore.gif



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