Sales Stats Report

The Sales Stats Report serves as a valuable tool for tracking sales representatives' performance by providing an overview of overall numbers associated with their sales activities. Managers can utilize this report to analyze past data, assess individual or group performance, and set KPIs to ensure sales representatives are effectively reaching out to companies and contacts to fulfill job orders.

Key Takeaways

  • Sales Representative Performance: The report offers insights into the performance of sales representatives by providing aggregate counts of sales activities, including new companies, new contacts, new orders, and closed jobs. This enables managers to assess individual sales rep productivity and track their contribution to overall sales efforts.
  • Tracking Sales Activity Trends: Managers can use the report to track trends in sales activity over time, such as fluctuations in the number of new orders entered or closed jobs. This helps identify patterns, peak periods of activity, and areas for improvement in sales strategies and resource allocation.
  • Data-Driven Sales Management: By drilling down into specific activity types and filtering data by various parameters like division, region, or office, managers can gain detailed insights into sales performance and make informed decisions to optimize sales efforts, set performance targets, and enhance overall sales effectiveness.

Values for Each Role

  • Sales Managers/Team Leaders: They can use this report to monitor the performance of sales representatives, track key sales metrics such as new companies, contacts, orders, and closed jobs, and identify top-performing individuals or areas needing improvement.
  • Sales Representatives: Sales reps can leverage this report to track their own performance metrics, understand their contribution to the sales pipeline, and identify areas where they can focus their efforts to meet targets and improve productivity.
  • HR Managers: HR managers might find value in this report to assess the effectiveness of sales recruitment efforts, understand hiring trends, and ensure alignment with overall sales goals and objectives.
  • Finance Managers: Finance managers may use this report to gain insights into the financial impact of sales activities, such as the revenue generated from closed jobs or the cost associated with acquiring new companies or contacts.
  • Executive Leadership: Senior leaders can utilize this report to gain a high-level overview of sales performance across the organization, identify trends or areas needing attention, and make strategic decisions to drive business growth and profitability.


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Locating the Report
Filter Options
Field Details
Using the Data
Secondary Reports







Locating the Report

  1. Click on the Analyze Tab
    The Reports Sub Tab will automatically be selected
  2. In the Search Reports field, type SALES STATS
  3. Click on the Sales Stats Report





This report is commonly used to track Sales Representatives. It Shows overall numbers associated with Sales Representatives.

Aggregate counts of sales activities with companies and contacts.  You may also drill down into each activity type for more details.  Lost jobs are also included.

The Sales Stats report is a great way to learn about Sales performance and compare productivity, either individually or as a group. This report can be filtered down by User Division, Region, Office, Recruiter, Stat Type, Subtype, Activity Name, and Activity Date. Use this report to manage your Sales efforts and set KPIs to make sure they are hitting their marks with respect to reaching out to companies and contacts and getting those jobs filled.




Filter Options

mceclip1.png Filter Name Options Description
Division All available Employer list Use this filter to refine Employer depending on the Branch
Region All available Regions list Use this filter to refine Region depending on the Branch
Office All available Branch list Use this filter to refine the Branch of Job/ user list home Branch/Branch of Company (New companies)
HCM User All available HCM User  list Use this filter to filter users creating contact activities/sales rep of jobs for closed jobs/users entering jobs for new orders
Date From   Use this filter to refine the Contact created date between the date range
Date To  
Date Range  Yesterday, Today, ... When 'Date Range' is selected, 'Date From' and 'Date To' will be automatically disabled. The user will need to select either 'Date Range' or enter 'Date From' and 'Date To'.



Field Details

Field Name Description Notes
Week Ending Week End Date in which the activities occurred. This date will always be the Sunday of the week.  
Contact Activity Dynamically displays the Contact Activities and Tasks logged on a contact profile.         This data is credited by the user attributed to the activity when logging the activity on a profile
New Companies Number of new companies created between the date range  
New Contacts Number of new contacts created between the date range  
New Order Number of new jobs entered between the date range  
Closed Number of jobs closed between the date range (using audit or log)




Using the Data

Managers can use this report to analyze past data and understand how their Sales team is performing. By viewing data on an individual or group level, they can see their recruiter's performance number and how they are performing in comparison to other recruiters. 



Secondary Reports


Details: Contact Activity

Field Name Description Notes
Date Contact's Activity Date  
Name Contact's Name  
User Full Name of the Contact's Activity entering User  
Notes Contact's Activity Notes  
Type of Activity Contact's Activity Type  


Details: Closed

Field Name Description Notes
Order Closed Date Job's Audit Date  
Req ID Job's ID  
Status Job's Status  
Company Job's Company Name  
Hiring Manager Job's Contact Name  
Position Job's Title  
Openings Job's Openings  
User Full Name of the Job's Sales Rep  


Details: Companies

Field Name Description Notes
Company Company's Name  
Status Company's Status  
Representative Full Name of the Company's Representative If multiple representatives, separated by a comma
Created Date Company's Created Date  


Details: Contacts

Field Name Description Notes
Contact Contact's Name  
Company Contact's Company Name  
Representative Full Name of the Contact's Representative If multiple representatives, separated by a comma
Contact Title Contact's Title  
Created Date Contact's Created Date  


Details: Orders

Field Name Description Notes
Order Date Job's Entered Date  
Req ID Job's ID  
Company Job's Company Name  
Hiring Manager Job's Hiring Manager Name  
Position Job's Title  
Openings Job's Openings  
User Full Name of the Job's Sales Rep  



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