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Tasks are the perfect way to track your upcoming applicant/talent to-do's for. For example, after you have scheduled an interview between your contact and candidate, head over to each of the candidate profile and task yourself (or even add your teammates!) with an "interview follow up" task.

Note: If you are sharing Tasks, then the Hotlists will also be shared.

Key Takeaways

  • Tasks in Avionté allow for efficient tracking of upcoming to-do items related to applicant/talent management, such as interview follow-ups.
  • Tasks can be created from various places within Avionté, including the applicant/talent profile and search page, as well as the Talent page.
  • Sharing tasks with teammates enables them to view and collaborate on tasks, enhancing coordination and productivity in applicant/talent management.


Creating Tasks
    Adding and Assigning Teammates Tasks
    Viewing Your Tasks
    Sharing Tasks
    Viewing Shared Tasks (shared with you)






Creating Tasks

You can create a task from the following places in Avionté

  • Applicant/Talent profile
  • Applicant/Talent search page - via mass action or via the "preview icon"
  • Talent Page


Adding and Assigning Teammates Tasks

  • Select the colleague(s) name from the drop-down list. Once you've entered the details and submitted the task, it will appear on the assignee's event calendar and task tab.
  • We recommend selecting the Email checkbox to actually notify the assignee of the task.
  • Important tasks should also be added to their calendar outside of Avionte - select the calendar icon to open a calendar invite that can then be sent to the assignee - as well as anyone else.
  • Once tasks have been completed - make sure to document it under the task tab 


Viewing Your Tasks

You can view tasks from the events calendar, tasks tab, as well as your Email calendar if you have elected to add the task there as well!
  • Task Tab
    • MyDashboard -> Tasks


  • Task Widgets
    • MyDashboard -> Dashboard
      • Today's Task Widget
        • Shows all tasks due today
      • Future Tasks
        • Shows all upcoming tasks



Sharing Tasks

From the Tasks Tab, select the usernames you would like to share your tasks with. Sharing Tasks provides your teammates with the ability to view your tasks.
Note: If you are sharing Tasks, then the Hotlists will also be shared.

Viewing Shared Tasks (shared with you)

In order to view tasks that have been shared with you, you will first need to select "Show shared tasks" and select the tasks you would like to see.
Note: If you are sharing Tasks, then the Hotlists will also be shared.

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