Consultant Time Entry Manual


Updated 01/27/2022


This manual will walk your consultants through signing into Avionté to submitting their time for approval.

If you are using back office, just make sure to include your logo and the correct sign in link.


Timesheet Submittal Process
Enter hours for an Employee/Talent that works overnight



Timesheet Submittal Process

  1. Log into AviontéBOLD:

If this is your first time entering time in AviontéBOLD, you will be receiving an email from the email address with login instructions (as seen below).

If you are a returning contractor, please use the same login credentials.
See the sample email below.  Items/text in red would be custom or are the new user's information.


  1. Once logged in, you will land on your myDashboard page which will include your current positions.

  2. Click View Timesheet to begin entering time.
    1. Use the arrows to the top right or left of the page to filter through weeks.
    2. Enter the Time in and Time out for each day you worked.
      1. Scroll to select a time or simply type the number and the scroll will default to that number. For example, if I type '8' as my start time, the dropdown will move to 8 am.
      2. Enter your notes, leave hours, and expenses using the corresponding boxes.

    3. Once you have submitted all the time for the week, select Save & Submit time as demonstrated in the below image.


    4. A pop-up will then appear to confirm the time and enter notes.
      1. Click Set as Default if you work the same hours every week. Next time you log in to AviontéBOLD to submit your time, you can select Apply Default and all the hours for the week will autofill the timesheet.


    5. Click Submit Timesheet to submit your timesheet for approval.



Enter hours for an Employee/Talent that works overnight


John Locke works 3:30 PM (Friday) to 12:30 AM (Saturday)

  • To have the 30 minutes counted for Friday
    • Enter 3:30 PM (start) and 12:30 AM (end)
      • Enter time on Friday
  • To have the 30 minutes counted for Saturday
    • Enter 3:30 PM (start) and 12:00 AM (end)
      • Enter time on Friday
    • Enter 12:00 AM (start) and 12:30 AM (end)
      • Enter time on Saturday


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