Set up Additional Transaction Types

The purpose of this feature is to provide the ability to add extra transaction types on placements that can support all kinds of pay types. These types range from hours, units, and tips.  This ensures the information can be captured via all time collection avenues: Timesheets, Batch Hours, Group Time, and Back Office Time Entry.

Key Takeaways

  • Avionté's feature enables users to add extra transaction types on placements, accommodating diverse pay types such as hours, units, and tips, and supporting multiple time collection methods.
  • For Front Office Only clients, typical talent pay, invoicing, and pay & bill archive processes can be followed after capturing hours, while Front and Back Office clients can integrate captured time through the Import Connect Module Timesheets process.
  • Creating additional transaction types is done within Back Office settings, with Front Office users accessing the feature through Table Editor to add transaction types for pay purposes, ensuring flexibility and adaptability in time and pay management.


Front Office Only clients
Front and Back Office Clients
Creating Additional Transaction Types


Front Office Only clients

When your hours are all captured, you can continue with your typical Talent Pay, Talent Invoicing, and Pay & Bill Archive processes to export your pay and bill data.


Front and Back Office Clients

If using any of the time capture methods noted above, you will continue with your typical Import Connect Module Timesheets process to ensure all of the time captured is brought into Time Entry. This will be according to your standard process.  Additionally, if Time Entry is used to manually enter time within Back Office, a time entry user will see these additional transaction types set up on placements automatically. This will be a part of the Time Entry transaction available, to manually enter pay and bill units accordingly.


Creating Additional Transaction Types


Front and Back office

All transaction types are set up within Back Office. Within Admin Tools > Settings > Transaction Types on your setup, you will see a checkbox that can be selected to make this available within Front Office.  

The Synced to Front Office checkbox will be disabled if the system name on the transaction type is Reg or OT or DT or DHFee, or if the transaction type is not "Is Transactional". 

Note: If you use Front and Back office, the Table Editor's Additional Transactions, will be a view-only.



Front office only

Access the feature via Table Editor > Additional Transaction Types. Here additional transaction types for pay purposes can be added. 

Note: This area previously was called Leave Types
  1. Click on Account & Settings
  2. Click on Table Editor


  3. In the Search Tables field, type: ADDITIONAL


  4. Click on the Additional Transaction Types tile


  5. Enter the following data:
    1. New Item: Enter a name for the Transaction Type
    2. Payroll Code: Enter a code for the Transaction; to be used for Payroll Codes
    3. Import Code: Enter a code for the Transaction; to be used for Importing Codes


  6. Click on the Add button
  7. Click on Close




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