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Updated 06/06/2022


Group time management gives your company contacts the ability to enter and approve time for all of their contract employees all from the Contact Experience.  This is an additional paperless time collection experience that is valuable, especially in high volume staffing where perhaps the contract employees do not have access to a device to log their own time.

Note: To use the Group Time, this feature would need to be activated.  Please reach out to your Account Manager for additional information.


Activate on a Company
Activate on a Job

The Contact’s Experience



Activate on a Company

You can determine what companies you would like to default to utilize Group Time Management.  When this is selected on a Company all newly created jobs moving forward will be set up for Group Time.

  1. Go to the Company that you want to setup the Group Time for.


  2. Click the Edit icon


  3. Select the Group Time from the Time Capture Method field.


  4. Click on the Save icon




Activate on a Job

  1. Go to the Job that you want to setup the Group Time for.
  2. Go to the Operations & Financials Widget
  3. Click on the Edit icon


  4. Select the Group Time from the Time Capture Method field.
  5. Click on the Save icon




The Contact’s Experience

When a Contact has been setup for Group Time.  When they log into the Contact experience, they will see an area under Timesheets called “Group Time” this is where the Contact will be able to enter time for any of their contract employees.  They will select the correct week ending date, choose run process and be able to enter time for all they are setup to be the group time approver for.  Once the hours are entered, Process Batch hours should be selected to submit the time.




Time captured as a part of this process can be viewed in the Back Office > Management > Timesheet report area.  For front office only clients you can continue through the Contractor Pay and Contractor Invoicing processes.  For clients utilizing the full payroll and billing functions, the time will flow through into Time Entry for payroll and Billing processing.




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