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The "List of Hires/Starts" report provides comprehensive data regarding hires and starts within a specified date range. It includes essential information such as position, company, hired candidate email, bill/pay rates, and other relevant contact details. Users can access this report through the Analyze tab and utilize various filter options to refine their search criteria. Additionally, detailed field descriptions offer insights into each data point represented in the report.


Key Takeaways:

  • Access and Navigation: Users can locate the "List of Hires/Starts" report by navigating to the Analyze tab and selecting the Reports sub-tab. From there, they can search for the report by typing "STARTS REPORT" in the search field and clicking on the corresponding option.
  • Data Inclusion: The report encompasses a range of crucial data points, including company details, hiring manager information, candidate names, hire dates, start and end dates, pay rates, and more. This comprehensive dataset enables users to gain a thorough understanding of recent hires and placements.
  • Filter Options and Field Details: Users can refine their search results using various filter options such as company, HCM user, job type, placement branch, and date range. Additionally, detailed field descriptions provide clarity on each data field, ensuring accurate interpretation and analysis of the report's contents.

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Locating the Report
Filter Options
Field Details







Locating the Report

  1. Click on Analyze Tab
    The Reports Sub Tab will automatically be selected
  2. In the Search Reports field, type STARTS REPORT
  3. Click on the Starts Report





List of hires/starts within a given date range including data points such as position, company, hired candidate email, bill/pay rates and other basic position and contact information.




Filter Options

Filter Name Options Explanation
Company All available Companys Filters Job's Employer
HCM User All available HCM Users Filters Job's Sales Rep
User Type Job - Sales Rep, Placement - Recruiter Rep, and Placement - Entered By  
Job Type All available Job Types Filters Job Type
Job Activity All available Early Termination Reasons Filters Placement's Early Termination Reason
Placement Branch All available Placement Branches Filters Placement Branches
Placement End Reason All available End Reason (active, inactive/archived both) Filters Placement's End Reason
Date From   Start Date of Placement's Extension (in the Date Range)
Date To   End Date of Placement's Extension (in the Date Range)
Date Range None, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Last Week, This Week, Next Month, ... When 'Date Range' is selected, 'Date From' and 'Date To' will be automatically disabled. The user will need to select either 'Date Range' or enter 'Date From' and 'Date To'.



Field Details

Field Name Description Notes
Company Job's Company  
Manager Job's Hiring Manager  
Consultant Talent's Name  
Hired Date Placement's Hire Date  
Start Date Placement's Start Date  
End Date Placement's End Date  
Custom Bill Job's Monthly Rate on Client Profile
Jobs > Client Profile > Monthly Rate
Sales Rep Job's Sales Rep  
Requisition Job ID  
Requisition Title

Job Title

Note: this isn’t the public-facing job title used when posting to job boards


Requisition EOR Job Type  
Pay Placement's Reg Pay Rate  
Bill Placement's Reg Bill Rate  
Fee Placement Fee for Permanent Job  
Fee Percent Placement Percent for Permanent Job  
Type Placement's active extension's Extension Type  
Invoiced Options: 0 and 1 If Placement Pending and Springahead Log Detail is not blank then 1 else 0
Currency Placement's Currency  
Flat Fee Placement's Flat Fee for Permanent Job  
Applicant ID Talent ID  
Company ID Company ID  
Requisition ID Job ID (ID in the URL)  
Consultant Email Talent's email address  
Manager Email Hiring Manager's email address  
Candidate Source Tag Applicant Source Tag
Talent > Tags > Applicant Source
Nomination Source Applicant/Candidate Source Tag which is added to the talent during nomination of the candidate to a job  
Recruiter Rep Placement's Recruiter Rep  
Hourly Margin Margin considering VMS%, Burden% and Discounts.
(Hired Details)
Discounts Placement's Discounts (Hired Details)  
Job Branch Job's Branch  
Bonus Pay Accrual Placement's Bonus Pay Accrual  
Placement Branch Placement's Branch
If Blank or not available, it displays the Job's Branch
Placement - Entered By User entering the Placement  
End Reason Placement's End Reason  
Talent Status Talent's Status  
Consultant Address 1 Talent's Address 1  
Consultant Address 2 Talent's Address 2  
Consultant City Talent's City  
Consultant State Talent's State  
Consultant Zip Talent's Zip  
Consultant Phone Talent's Mobile Phone
If Blank then Home Phone
If Blank then Work Phone
WC Code Job's Worker Comp Code
Job > Operational Information > Workers Comp Code
Manager Department Hiring Manager's Department  
Applicant Tags Talent's Custom Category Tags
Talent > Tags > Talent tags
If multiple, separated by comma
Company Office Company's Office  
Hired After Bkgrnd Check (Days) Difference of Placement's Minimum Start Date and Background Check Completed Date  



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