Talent Activities Report

Report displays Talent and Job Activities associated with Talent Records. Talent Activities data is pulled from the Talent Record > Activities tab.

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Locating the Report
Filter Options
Field Details







Locating the Report

  1. Click on Analyze Tab
    The Reports Sub Tab will automatically be selected
  2. In the Search Reports field, type TALENT ACTIVITIES
  3. Click on the Talent Activities Report





Detailed account of talent activities and job activities logged on your Talent records including important activity information.




Filter Options

Filter Name Options Explanation
Division All available employers Filter Talent's Employer
Region All available Regions Filters Talent's Regions
Branch All available Branches Filters Talent's Branch
HCM User All available HCM users Filters Users using Activities
Activity Type All available Activity Types Type of Activity
Activity Subtype All available Activity SubTypes Subtype of Activites
Job Company All available Job Companies Use this filter to refine/exclude specific companies
Talent Name Free text field to enter Talent Name Filters the name of the talent.
Format: FirstName MiddleName LastName
Date Type Activity Logged Date, Activity Date  
Date From   Use this filter to refine Talent/Job's Activity Logged Date or Activity Date between the date range
Date To  
Date Range Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, ...  



Field Details

Field Name Description Notes

Talent's Employer


Region Talent's Region  
Branch Talent's Branch  
Activity Type Talent's Activity Type  
Activity UTC Date Talent's Activity Type Logged Date  
Activity Date Talent's Activity Type Date  
Activity Detail Talent's Activity Type Detail  
Logged By Talent's Activity Type logged by Username  
Talent Talent's Name  
Talent ID Talent's ID  
Talent Created Date Talent's Entered Date  
Job Company Job's Company Name  
Job Office Job's Branch  
Job Contact Job's Client Name  
Job Title Job's Title  
Job Owners Names of the Job Owners  
Requisition Job's ID  
Talent Email Talent's email  
Talent Phone Talent's phone #  
Talent Tags Source Talent's Tag Source (from Talent > Tags)  
Talent Status Talent's Status  
Sales Representative Name of the Sales Representative  
Candidate Representative Name of the Candidate Representative  



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