Using MFA and Microsoft Office app passwords

If you enabled MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication), and are using a Microsoft Office account, you need to set up an app password.  By setting up an app password, this bypasses the verification method and don't need to verify yourself each time.  



Login to Microsoft Office account
Set up an App Password



Login to Microsoft Office account

You need to be signed into your Microsoft Office account.

  1. Click on  the following link:
  2. If you aren't signed in, then you'll see this screen
    1. If you are already signed in, then you can go to the Set up an App Password section 
  3. Click on your email


  4. Enter your email (username) and password
  5. Click on the Sign in button
    Note: Your screen may look different.


  6. Click on the Text or Call option.


  7. You'll receive a Text or call, depending on the option selected.
    1. In the example below, we selected Text.
  8. Check your Text Messages for a new message.
    Note: The code provided will change everytime you need to verify your identity.


  9. Enter the code in the Code field


  10. Click on the Verify button


  11. Click on the option if you want to stay signed in or not
    1. The next screen might not show for everyone.
      1. No: The next time you sign in, you will have to verify your information again
      2. Yes: This keeps you logged in without having to verify your information again.




Set up an App Password

Once you are logged into your Microsoft Office account, you can create an app password.

  1. Click on the Create button


  2. Enter a name for the app password, in the Name field.


  3. Click on the next button


  4. A new password will be automatically generated
    1. The password will never be displayed again so it's important to write it down.


  5. Click on the copy password to clipboard button


  6. You may see this warning message. 
    1. If so, copy the password
  7. Click on the OK button


  8. You'll be brought back to the main page.
    1. Notice that it doesn't display your password again.
    2. If you forgot the password, you can create a new one but we would recommend removing the previous password.


  9. Enter that password into your custom SMTP settings
    1. Setting up your custom SMTP



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