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A great part about the Branded Resume feature is that the original resume, the one with all of the candidate's contact and personal information, can be automatically scrubbed and replaced with your information. Scrubbing a submitted resume allows you to send candidates to the hiring manager or client without giving away the candidate's personal info. Lastly, the updated and branded resume is saved as a separate resume file within the candidate's Avionté profile, thereby leaving the original resume intact!

Key Takeaways

  • The Branded Resume feature allows users to automatically replace a candidate's personal information with their own, facilitating secure sharing with hiring managers or clients.
  • The branding process involves using the Brand button in the Resumes tab, accessing the Classic Branding Tool, and entering details like Brand Template and the option to remove emails and phone numbers.
  • The feature creates a distinct, branded resume while keeping the original intact, offering a practical solution for presenting candidate profiles without revealing sensitive contact details.

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Brand a Resume

  1. Go to an Applicant’s/Talent profile
  2. Click on the Resumes tab


  3. Scroll down to the Resume Documents section
  4. Click on the Brand button


  5. Click on the Go to Classic Branding Tool button


  6. Enter information into the following fields
    1. Brand Template
      1. (branded): appears at the end of the name to distinguish it from the original.
      2. Creating Resume Brand templates
    2. Attempt to remove emails and phone numbers:
      1. This will try to remove the Email and/or phone #s listed
      2. Go to the Section for more information
  7. Click on the Continue button


  8. Now you'll see a new Resume in the Resume Documents section.




Original Branded
mceclip5.png mceclip6.png



Remove Email and Phone #s

The check box Attempt to remove emails and phone numbers allows Avionté to remove the candidate's contact information from their resume. 

Note: This will remove the text from the resume and will not reformat accordingly. 

Example: If contact information is displayed in four consecutive rows, the text from all four rows will be removed, leaving four rows of blank white space.  If it's a Word Document then you can edit it, after it's branded, to correct the formatting.


Original Email and Phone # removed
mceclip8.png mceclip7.png


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