Open Position Snapshot Report

The Open Position Snapshot Report provides a quick overview of current open positions, including the number of open positions, candidates in various stages of the hiring process, and key details such as job status and hiring manager. This snapshot facilitates efficient workforce planning and talent acquisition by offering insights into the recruitment pipeline and identifying areas needing attention.

Key Takeaways 

  • Real-time Position Status: Gain visibility into the status of open positions, including the number of positions filled, remaining open positions, and the ratio of positions filled, allowing for timely decision-making in recruitment efforts.
  • Candidate Pipeline Insights: Understand the distribution of candidates across different stages of the hiring process, from pipeline to nomination stages, facilitating proactive candidate management and ensuring a steady flow of talent.
  • Resource Allocation Optimization: By analyzing metrics such as days open and candidate activity, organizations can optimize resource allocation, prioritize recruitment efforts, and streamline hiring processes for improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Value for each role:

  • HR Managers/Recruiters: Enables efficient monitoring of open positions, streamlining candidate management, and facilitating informed decision-making in recruitment strategies.
  • Hiring Managers: Offers visibility into the status of their open positions, empowering them to collaborate effectively with recruiters and expedite the hiring process.
  • Executives/Department Heads: Provides a high-level overview of organizational talent needs and recruitment progress, supporting strategic workforce planning and resource allocation decisions.


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Locating the Report
Filter Options
Field Details







Locating the Report

  1. Click on Analyze Tab
    The Reports Sub Tab will automatically be selected
  2. In the Search Reports field, type OPEN POSITION SNAPSHOT
  3. Click on the Open Position Snapshot Report





Quick snapshot view of current open positions along with all candidates in play and their corresponding current stage in both pipeline and nomination stages.




Filter Options

Filter Name Options Explanation
Division All available Employers  Filters Job's Employers
Region All available Regions Filters Job's Region
Office All available Branches Filters Job's Branch
Company All available Companies  
Job Type All available Job Types Filters Job Type
Sales Rep All available HCM Users Use this filter to refine the Job's Sales Rep
Status All available Job Statuses Filters Job Status
Nomination Status All available Nomination Job Stage List Use this filter to refine Nomination Job Stage of the Talent
Only filters Candidates in Process column
Pipeline Status All available Pipeline Job Stage List

Use this filter to refine Pipeline Job Stage of the Talent

Only filters Candidates in Pipeline column



Field Details

Field Name Description Notes
Status Job's Status  
Job Type Job's Type  
Requisition ID Job's Requisition ID   
Company Job's Company Name  
Date Opened Day difference between job's entered date and today's date  
Branch Job's Office Name  
Position Job  Position Title  
Job Board Location Job's City  
Job Location Job's Location  
Hiring Manager Job's Hiring Manager  
Required Positions Total number of talents required to fulfill the job  
Open Positions Remaining number of positions on Job  
Filled Ratio Number of positions filled expressed in ratio  
Talent ID Job ID   
Candidates in Pipeline List of talents in the pipeline stage linked to that Job in the Comma separated form.   
Candidates in Process List of talents that are in nominate stage to that Job in the Comma separated form.   
Position Budget Regular Payrate or Billrate of the Job  
Target Pay Rate Target pay rate of Talent  
Target Bill Rate Target bill rate of the job  
Target Salary Target salary of Talent  
Days Open Days difference between the job Start date and today's date  
Web Applicants Number of web applicants  
Pipelined Candidates Number of pipelined talents  
Submittals Total number of submitted talents   
Interviews Total number of interviewed talents   
Offers Total number of talents that have/received offer   
Offer Approvals Total number of  talents that have/received and approved offer   
Candidates Declined Total number of  talents that have/received and declined offer   
Company Office Job's Companies Branch Name  
Notes Jobs' Notes  in comma separated form  
Start Date Job's Start Date  
End Date Job's End Date  
Job Owner Job Owner (User who entered the job)  
Sales Rep Job's Sales Rep   



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