Opportunities Report

This report allows users to search for and display opportunities based on various filter options such as division, region, office, opportunity type, and more. sales or business development team. They can use this report to track and manage sales opportunities, monitor progress through different stages, identify potential clients or job orders, and analyze financials associated with each opportunity. This helps them make informed decisions, prioritize tasks, and optimize their sales efforts effectively.

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Locating the Report
Filter Options
Field Details







Locating the Report

  1. Click on Analyze Tab
    The Reports Sub Tab will automatically be selected
  2. In the Search Reports field, type OPPORTUNITIES
  3. Click on the Opportunities Report





Search for and display opportunities by opened date range. Shows link to opportunity, and other basic information such as financials.




Filter Options

Filter Name Options Explanation
Division All available Divisions Filters Company's employer
Region All available Regions Filters Company's Region
Office All available Offices Filters Company's Branch
Company All available Companies Filters Company
HCM User All available Users Filters Opportunity Entered by user
Opportunity Type All available Opportunity Types Filters Opportunity Type
Opportunity Stage All available Opportunity Stages Filters Opportunity Stage
Opportunity Date Type Create Date, Close Date, Last Activity Date Filters Opportunity Date Types
Date From   Start Date for Opportunity Created Date / Opportunity Closed Date / Opportunity Last Activity Date
Date To   End Date for Opportunity Created Date / Opportunity Closed Date / Opportunity Last Activity Date
Date Range Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, ... When 'Date Range' is selected, 'Date From' and 'Date To' will be automatically disabled. The user will need to select either 'Date Range' or enter 'Date From' and 'Date To'.



Field Details

Field Name Description Notes
Opportunity Opportunity Name  
Company Name Opportunity Company Name  
Contact Opportunity Contact Name  
Email 1 Opportunity Contact Email 1  
Email 2 Opportunity Contact Email 2  
Owner Owner ( User who entered the opportunity)  
Stage Opportunity Current Stage  
Notes Opportunity Notes

If multiple notes for an opportunity, displayed each note in a separate line.

Format: Entered By: [Note Entered By User] [Note Entered Date] - [Note Description]

Next Step Opportunity Next Step (What needs to happen next to progress this opportunity to the next stage)  
Type Opportunity Type  
Partner Opportunity Partner  
Commitment Amount committed by the Company  
Percentage (%) Opportunity Percentage  
Create Date Opportunity Create Date  
Close Date Opportunity Close Date  
Next Step Date Opportunity Next Step Date (The target date by which you should complete the next step)  
Lost Reason Opportunity Lost Reason  
Converted (Yes / No) Yes/ No
If the opportunity is linked to Job, then Yes otherwise No
Requisition Job's Requisition ID  
Contact Phone Opportunity Contact Phone  
Contact Address1 Opportunity Contact Address 1  
Requisition Date Job's Requisition Date  
Contact Address2 Opportunity Contact Address 2  
Contact City Opportunity Contact City  
Contact State Opportunity Contact State  
Contact Zip Opportunity Contact Zip  
Last Activity Date Opportunity Last Activity Date  
Company Status Opportunities Company Status  



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