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Updated 11/22/2022


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Locating the Report
Filter Options
Field Details







Locating the Report

  1. Click on Analyze Tab
    The Reports Sub Tab will automatically be selected
  2. In the Search Reports field, type MARKUP
  3. Click on the Contractor Markup Report





View markup percentages, bill/pay rates and burden information for both filled and completed jobs as well as basic consultant and job information.




Filter Options

Parameter Name Options Explanation
Division All available Employers Filters Job's Employers
Region All available Regions Filters Job's Region
Office All available Branches Filters Job's Branches
Company All available Companys Filters Job's Companies
Requisition Status All available Job Statuses Filters Job's Status
Date From   Start date for Placement's Start Date
Date To   End date for Placement's Start Date
Date Range Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, ... When 'Date Range' is selected, 'Date From' and 'Date To' will be automatically disabled. The user will need to select either 'Date Range' or enter 'Date From' and 'Date To'.



Field Details

Field Name Description Notes
Company Job's Company Name  
Requistion ID Job ID (ID in the URL)  
Requistion Job's Requisition ID   
Requisition Type System Job Type  
Applicant Talent Name  
Start Date Placement's Start Date  
End Date Placement's End Date  
Bill Rate Placement's Regular Bill Rate  
Pay Rate Placement's Regular Pay Rate  
Burden Display Burden% from Placement, if its blank, display  burden% from Job. If both fields are blank, pull Burden % from Table Editor>>Employment Types  
Markup Markup  



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