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Updated 11/22/2022


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Locating the Report
Filter Options
Field Details







Locating the Report

  1. Click on Analyze Tab
    The Reports Sub Tab will automatically be selected
  2. In the Search Reports field, type CONTRATOR SNAPSHOT
  3. Click on the Contractor Snapshot Report





Shapshot of who was working on positions along with their bill/pay rates per job for a given date range.




Filter Options

Filter Name Options Explanation
Division All available Employers Filters Job's Employer
Region All available Regions Filters Job's Region
Office All available Branches Filters Job's Branch
Company  All available Companys Filters Job's Company
Date From   Start Date for Placement Extensions (starting or ending in this range)
Date To   End Date for Placement Extensions (starting or ending in this range)
Date Range Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, ... When 'Date Range' is selected, 'Date From' and 'Date To' will be automatically disabled. The user will need to select either 'Date Range' or enter 'Date From' and 'Date To'.



Field Details

Field Name Description Notes
Requisition Job's Requisition ID  
Contract Type System Job Type  
First Name Placement's Talent First Name  
Last Name Placement's Talent Last Name  
Email Talent's Email Address  
Phone Talent's Phone Number  
Company Job's Company Name  
Job Division Job's Employer  
Job Department Job's Department  
Job Title Job's Title  
Manager Name Job's Hiring Manager  
Bill Rate Placement Extensions Regular Bill Rate  
Pay Rate Placement Extensions Regular Pay Rate  
Start Date Placement Extensions Start Date  
End Date Placement Extensions End Date  
Client Rep Job's Sales Rep  
Candidate Rep Placement Extensions Recruiter Representative  
Hired Date Placement Extensions Hired Date  
Office Job's Branch  
Division Job's Employer  
Region Job's Region  



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