Client Contact Report

This report offers detailed contact information for clients, including email and address, and is searchable by various criteria such as company, location, industry, and category.

Sales representatives can use this report to access up-to-date contact details of clients, allowing them to efficiently communicate and engage with clients for sales activities, client management, and relationship-building efforts. Account managers can also utilize this report to maintain accurate client records, track client interactions, and provide personalized service, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and fostering long-term client relationships. 

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Locating the Report
Filter Options
Field Details





Locating the Report

  1. Click on Analyze Tab
    The Reports Sub Tab will automatically be selected
  2. In the Search Reports field, type CLIENT CONTACT
  3. Click on the Client Contact Report




Detail contact information for clients including email and address. Searchable by company, location, industry and category.



Filter Options

mceclip2.png Filter Name Options Explanation
Company All available Companies Use this filter to refine Company
Industries All available Industries Use this filter to refine Industries of the Company
Status All available Company Statuses Use this filter to refine Status of the Company
Representatives All available Users lists Use this filter to refine Representative of the Company

All available Company Category
List from Companies>>Tags 

Use this filter to refine Company Category from Companies>>Tags

All available company category
List from Companies>>Tags

Use this filter to refine Company Category Details from Companies>>Tags
City Freetext to enter the city Use this filter to refine City of the Company Office
State All available States Use this filter to refine State of the Company Office


Field Details

Field Name Description Notes
Contact Name Company's Hiring Manager Name  
Contact Title Company's Hiring Manager Title  
Contact Representative Name of the Company's Contact Representative (separated by commas in case of multiples)  
Company ID Company's ID from Front Office/BOLD  
Company Company's Name  
Department Contact's Department Name  
Industry Company's Industry Name from Industry Information  
Title Company's Hiring Manager Title  
Primary E-mail Company's Hiring Manager Email1  
Secondary E-mail Company's Hiring Manager Email2  
Work Phone Company's Hiring Manager Work Phone  
Mobile Phone Company's Hiring Manager Mobile Phone  
Office Company's Office Name  
Address 1 Company Office's Address 1  
Address 2 Company Office's Address 2  
City Company Office's City  
State Company Office's State  
Province Company Office's Province  
Zip/Postal Code Company Office's ZipCode  
Representative Company’s Representative Name  
Company Branch Company’s Branch Name (Division – Region - Branch)  
Company Status Company’s Status  
Client Number Company’s Client Number  
Workers Comp Code Company’s Workers Comp Code (WCStateWCCode) (separated by commas in case of multiple)  
VMS Fee % Company’s VMS Fee Deduction %  
Contract Markup % Company’s Contract Markup %  
Permanent Markup % Company’s Permanent Markup %  
Time Capture Method Company’s Time Capture Method  (For e.g., Batch Hours, Timesheet, Group Time, Daily Time)  
Default Overtime Rule Company’s Default Overtime Rule (Either Daily or Weekly)  



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