TEA 2. Integration Setup - Marketplace Integration User Login

Once the integration is enabled by the Text-Em-All Admin user, additional users that need access to the integration will have to enter their Text-Em-All user account credentials in the Marketplace.


Marketplace User Login

  1. From the Marketplace, click the Settings button on the Text-Em-All card.

a. Enter Text-Em-All username

b. Enter Text-Em-All password

c. Click Login

  1. If the credentials are valid, a confirmation message will be displayed.  Click Close.


Error Handling

  • If invalid Text-Em-All user credentials are entered into the Marketplace, the user will receive an error stating the username and or password are invalid once the Login button is clicked.

  • For new Text-Em-All user accounts, Text-Em-All requires that you complete their onboarding before using the integration.  So if a user tries to login to the Marketplace but hasn’t completed the onboarding, they will receive an error stating that must be completed before they can move forward.  
    • Note: A link is provided within the error that directs the user to Text-Em-All’s site.


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