Adobe Form I-9 Preparer/Translator Functionality

Adobe Form I-9 functionality when used with a Preparer/Translator submits an individual email to the entered Preparer/Translator to attest that they have assisted in the completion of Section 1 of the Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification.

Key Takeaways:

  • How the Form I-9 Preparer/Translator function operates.
  • What the HCM User/Recruiter perspective looks like.
  • The Visual Representation of the Talent & Preparer/Translator experience.


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If you have a configured Adobe Form I-9, users will experience the following behavior if the Talent opts to use a Preparer/Translator.
This functionality is associated with the I-9 with Preparer template that is linked to a template that is an I9 Template Type:

v2 2.png

Talent Experience 

When the Talent goes into the portal and opens the I-9 task, they are asked to enter a Preparer/Translator email if they are being assisted.

Talent Task

v2 5.png


  1.  Preparer/Translator Email Address Entry
    v2 6.png
  2. After adding an email address for the Preparer/Translator and clicking Continue, the system will utilize the template linked as the Preparer/Translator form and insert the Preparer’s email address as Participant 2 in the sequence of signers.

  3. The Talent is redirected to the Adobe site to complete and sign Section 1:

    v2 7.png

  4. The Talent will sign and complete Section 1 of the Form I-9 via Adobe.
    After the Talent portion is complete, they are redirected back to the Talent Portal and will see the following message:

    prepare screen 4.png

  5. The Preparer/Translator will receive an email:
    - The Subject Line will have the name of the I-9 template and the name of the Talent
    - The Body will provide a link to sign Supplement A (BOLD Login Not Required)

    Note - Current functionality only supports the ability for one Preparer/Translator entry

    prepare 1.png

    Preparer/Translator Section
    v2 8.png

  6. When Supplement A is completed, the Preparer/Translator is redirected to a success message:

    prepare screen 6.png


HCM User/Recruiter Perspective:

After sending to the Talent and the Talent signing, the HCM User awaits the Preparer/Translator's completion. While awaiting the Preparer/Translator, the HCM User will see a dropdown with the following options:

  • Edit preparer’s email address
  • Resend email to preparer

v2 9.png


If the Preparer/Translator’s email address needs to be updated, or if they need the signing email resent, a dropdown will display with the following options:

  • Edit the preparer’s email address
    - This option will allow the Recruiter to edit the Preparer Email and trigger a new email to be sent out for signature. The Talent will NOT need to re-complete Section 1.

prepare screen 8.png

  • Resend email to preparer
    - This option allows the Recruiter to resend the signing email to the email address that the Talent designated

prepare screen 10.png


Task Status Key:

  • Sent:
    • Awaiting Talent signature
    • Awaiting Preparer/Translator’s signature
      • When this is the next required signature, the notes beneath the Task will contain the verbiage: 
        “Awaiting Preparer/Translator completion
        [Preparer/Translator’s email address]”

  • Action Required:
    • Awaiting HCM User/Recruiter signature

v2 10.png

      • Awaiting HCM User/Recruiter signature
        • NOTE: This is an additional OPTIONAL workflow step possibly with ANY Adobe task, not just the I-9 form. This step collects 0 signatures and is not logged on the Adobe audit log, but it allows a user to prevent the task from going to a Complete status without someone marking it as Approved manually. (The other option is to Reject, which will put the task in a Rejected status without updating any other data on the Talent record.)

v2 prop.png

v2 11.png

  • Completed:
    • All parties have signed and the document has been sealed. A PDF copy has been generated in the Talent’s Documents section and the Talent record has been updated with information from Section 1 of the Form I-9.

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