Revised I-9 Summary & Configuration – BOLD (Adobe Sign)

The revised I-9 released to BOLD clients requires a specific configuration to ensure proper completion by both the employee and employer. 

Revision Summary

The USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) made changes to the I-9, a summary of some notable changes is below. This list is not comprehensive, please reference the I-9 instructions found here: I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification ( 

Section 1 

All employees must provide their current legal name, complete address, and date of birth. If other fields do not apply, the employee will leave them blank on the form. 

Providing a 9-digit Social Security number in the Social Security number field is voluntary, unless the employer participates in E-Verify; it is important that you instruct the employee to fill out the SSN (Social Security Number), if this applies. 

N/A option

N/A is no longer required on the new I-9. The only N/A that remains is on A noncitizen (other than Item Numbers 2. and 3. above) authorized to work: you either enter the expiration date of the employees document or N/A. 

Section 2 

We have added “Please select option below” in the fields that have multiple selections. As the employer, you must ensure the proper List A, B or C document is captured on the form by clicking on the drop down and selecting the appropriate document, and issuing authority and expiration date, if applicable. 

sec 2 DD.png

Alternative procedure 

 A new box is listed on the I-9, as an alternative procedure for remote verification. Please refer to the USCIS website to determine if you are permitted to utilize this alternative procedure: Remote Examination of Documents (Optional Alternative Procedure to Physical Document Examination) | USCIS 
alt procedure.png


  1. Log into the platform and follow this path: Account & Settings Icon > Utilities


  2. From the Utilities page, navigate to Talent Onboarding Tasks and open it

    onboarding tasks.png


  1. Use the drop-down arrow for E-Signature Templates to expand the template library & scroll down to “Form I-9 (Rev 8-1-2023) V2”. Click it to open the template Properties & Permissions.

    v2 1.png


  1. Configure the revised Form I-9 settings by changing and selecting:

    - Template Type = “I-9” 
    - I-9 with Preparer Template = “Form I-9 with Preparer (Rev 8-1-2023) V2”.

    v2 2.png

  2. Copy or manually Add Group Level Permissions using the dropdowns. Click Save to complete.

    v2 3.png

  3. Click the On/Off toggle to turn On the Form I-9 (Rev 8-1-2023 V2).

    v2 4.png


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