Indeed Marketplace Job Posting Configuration

Starting April 15th, 2024, Indeed requires all job postings coming from BOLD to include the email address of the Indeed account associated with the posting, to pass their data integrity requirements for job postings.


The below setup and configuration must be done with a BOLD user that has "Marketplace Admin" user permissions. This configuration setup only requires the Marketplace Admin to know the email account (no password required) associated with your Indeed account for job posting. This configuration only needs to be done once and will take effect for all job postings sent to Indeed.


Step 1: Go to the Marketplace in BOLD. Account & Settings > Avionté Marketplace.


Step 2: Browse/Search for Indeed, then click the "Settings" button.


Step 3: Enter the Indeed account email address and click "Save".


Step 4: Close the window by clicking the X after you see the Save Successful message.



Indeed's FAQ Regarding Email Address Considerations

Will this email address be used to communicate with clients?

No, this email address will not be shared or used for marketing or communications purposes. It is only used if needed to help verify the jobs the Employer sends.

What type of email does Indeed recommend be used in the email field?

If the client has an Indeed Employer account, the email associated with that account should be used. If not, the email provided should be valid using the corporate domain to enable Indeed to verify the associated job posting with the respective company. This is not a personal email but rather a company email.

If an employer objects to providing a recruiter's or person’s email at the company, a solution is to request a newly created email with a corporate domain that anyone in the company can access. Indeed, the email needs to be a valid alias to prevent any scammer from saying their email is, for example, "" and that they are posting on behalf of ABC Company.

If a company has a subsidiary brand, is it best to use an email from the parent or subsidiary company?

Ideally, we want the corporate domain associated with the job posting. However, we understand that companies have emails for parent companies and hire for companies within their organization. In such cases, we can link to the parent and child companies. We just need to know where the jobs are coming from and that wherever they are coming from is associated with the business they are hiring for.



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