I-9 and E-Verify Process


  • Ensure you have Web Services Employer account and the credentials
    • Those should be entered into the Avionté Marketplace.
  • Activate the I-9 Form (1 time setup)
  • Create User Groups to provide permissions
  • Assign the Task & complete the I-9
  • Complete the E-Verify process in BOLD



Setup the E-Verify in the Avionté Marketplace
Activate I-9 and provide Permissions
Complete the I-9
Example of completed E-Verify Case
Search and Filter



Setup the E-Verify in the Avionté Marketplace

  1. Click on Account & Settings
  2. Click on Avionté Marketplace


  3. Type EVERIFY in the search box

  4. Click the Settings button
    1. If you don't see the Settings button then ensure that 'E-Verify' option is checked on in System Features or contact your Account Manager.



  5. Choose the desired type of account
    1. Each Avionte user enters their own E-Verify web service account (aka Individual Account)
      1. Each Avionté user has their own User ID and Password
    2. All Avionté users share a single E-Verify account (aka Shared Account)
      1. Only 1 set of credentials are used for all users (Recommended)
  6. Enter the credentials 
    1. Company ID 
      1. You can get this from the MOU or having the Admin User login to E-Verify:
        1. everify.uscis.gov
          1. If you need additional help, please reach out to Partnerships or Support
    2. User ID 
      1.  This must be the Web Services User ID and not the Admin User
        1. If you are able to login to E-Verify (link above) then that is the Admin User and not the Web Services User
        2. You can also get your Web Services User ID by using the Admin login on E-Verify's website
          1. If you need additional help, please reach out to Partnerships or Support
    3.  Password
      1.  Enter your password
        1. E-Verify requires you to change your password every 90 days
    4. Click 'Save'  



Activate I-9 and provide Permissions

The User Group must be created first.  If you don't have a User Group setup

  1. Click on Account & Settings
  2. Click on Utilities


  3. Click on Talent Onboarding Tasks

  4. Expand the E-Signature Templates
  5. Click on Form I-9 (Rev 8-1-2023) V2 and turn On

    v2 4.png

  6. Select the following options:
    1. Template Type: I-9
    2. I-9 with Preparer Template: Form I-9 with Preparer (Rev 8-1-2023) V2
    3. Review by employer required: Checked on
    4. Add a group
      1. Choose a User Group that has been previously created
    5. Choose the desired permissions
      1. E-Verify checkbox: This allows the User to E-Verify
        1. Without this checked the User would only be able to complete the I-9 and not E-Verify
    6. Click the Save button

      v2 12.png


Assign the I-9 Form Task

  1. Go to the employee that you are wanting to send the Task to
  2. Click on the Onboarding Tab
  3. Click Send Onboarding Tasks button


  4. Expand the 'E-Signature Documents'


  5. Choose the Form I-9 (Rev 8-1-2023) V2
  6. Click the '+' symbol

    v2 13.png

  7. Click the Send button

    v2 14.png


Complete the I-9

  1. Employee will need to fill out their portion

    v2 7.png

    1. Once completed, the User will need to complete section 2 (Employer section)
  2. Go to the Employee's Profile
  3. Click on the Onboarding Tab
  4. Click on Signature required

    v2 15.png

  5. The Avionté User will have to complete the Employer section

    v2 16.png

  6. Notice the 'Verification required'
  7. Select an option from the Dropdown menu
    1. There are 2 options (Verify and Reject)
      1. Verify: You are confirming the information is accurate and then can proceed
      2. Reject: You are confirming the information isn't accurate and will have to re-send the I-9
        1. If you 'Verify' but later notice a problem then resend the I-9 and start over
      3. Best Practices: If any problems with the I-9, resend it and start over 

        v2 17.png

  8. Click on the E-Verify button
    1. This will open a Flyout to start the E-Verify process

      prepare 2.png

  9. Click on the Continue button


  10. Choose the appropriate 'List Type' (A or B and C):


  11. If using the "Permanent Resident Card or Alien Registration Receipt Card (Form I-551)", there is an option for IDs that don't have a document number.
    1. Click the checkbox for No document number was provided
    2. This will allow the E-Verify process to be submitted


  12. Fill out all the necessary (required) fields:
    1. List A, B or C Document Type
    2. Driver's License or State Issued ID Card (if applicable)
    3. State
    4. Expiration Date
      1. You must use the Calendar and select the date.  Do not type the date
    5. Document Number
    6. List C Document (if applicable)
    7. Employee's First Day of Employment
      1. You can put future dates
      2. It must be within 3 Business days
        1. If not in the 3 Business Days, you'll see the following message
        2. Then select a 'Reason for Delay*' from Drop Down menu

      3. You can put future dates
    8. Then click 'Continue'
      1. You won't see the 'Continue' button until everything is entered
    9. Click 'Submit'
      1. If you need to make any changes, click 'Edit'



Example of completed E-Verify Case

Once it has been completed by E-Verify you will see the Print Case Details button.



When you click on the button it will open a new tab in your web browser with the report.


Job Requirement

Once the E-Verify case is complete the Talent > Tax > E-Verify Completion Date and E-Verify Case Number will populate

If using the New filled job requirement of "E-Verify" this is what is being checked to validate a completed E-Verify case.  If entering manually adding the E-verify Completed date or selecting the bypass option will also fulfill this requirement 


Search and Filter

When searching for Talent that has an E-Verify status, there are a few Statuses you can search by.  This will filter the results to reflect the Status you've selected.

E-Verify Status Description
Employment Authorized Will pull talent records who have an Everify case with a status of Employment Authorized
Needs Attention Will pull talent records who have an open Everify case that ​​does NOT have a status of Employment Authorized
Not Started Will pull talent records who do not have an Everify case


  1. Hover on Talent tab
  2. Click on Search
  3. Select Talent Terms
  4. Select E-Verify Status


  5. Select an E-Verify Status
  6. Click Done



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