Adobe Mapping W2 - Validating Merge Fields For W2 to Payment Address

The following are the rules for mapping Country/State fields from Adobe documents.

For Adobe templates, when the Country/State fields are being captured, Avionté always recommends that the Adobe provided drop-down values are used. This will provide you one option to select so that Avionté can ensure it is mapped back to the Talent profile.
Note: If the Country/State fields are being used as free text fields in the template (which is not recommended), there are two values for each field that will return the given field with the proper mapping. This is not recommended because there is no "hard-stop" for an end-user if the value is not spelled as an accepted text. Below, you will find the only values that will be mapped properly back into Avionté, for the respected fields.



United States of America/USA


State/State Abbreviation
ex: California/CA; Minnesota/MN


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