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With increased adoption of SMS-based communication between staffing agencies and employees, the amount of Text Sent and Text Received activities in a given employee's activity log can make review of SMS-based conversations time consuming. 

In order to make review of text thread communication easier for recruiters, we've added the optional ability to have Bold summarize the previous day's text messages into a consolidated daily summary. The individual Text Sent and Text Received activity log entries remain in the activity log, but the summarized conversation view can make review of historical conversation much easier.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Efficiency Enhancement: The increased use of SMS-based communication in staffing agencies necessitates an efficient way to review text conversations between recruiters and employees. The sheer volume of text messages exchanged can make manual review time-consuming.
  2. Feature Introduction: To address the challenge of reviewing extensive text threads, the article introduces a new optional feature in Bold. This feature automatically summarizes the previous day's text messages into a consolidated daily summary. This summary facilitates quicker review of historical conversations, improving overall workflow efficiency for recruiters.
  3. Operational Details: The article provides operational details about the feature, such as its optional nature and the process to enable it. It emphasizes that once activated, the feature will only summarize conversations moving forward and won't retroactively summarize past conversations. Additionally, it mentions that summaries are generated overnight for the previous day's conversations, ensuring that the summary for the current day will be available the following day.

Note: This feature is optional and can be enabled on your account by request. Once enabled, conversation summaries will only be available moving forward, it will not retroactively summarize previous days' conversations. The summary run in the middle of the night for the previous day's conversations, meaning you will not see the summary of the current day's conversation until tomorrow.

In the example below, you'll see 11 messages in a thread between the recruiter and an employee. Prior to using this feature, the only way to see all the messages would be to review them individually, potentially over multiple pages of the activity log. Now, all of those messages have been consolidated into a single summary, making the review much easier for the recruiter to see the entire conversation as a snapshot.


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